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Posted by 10.12.08



When I first got this, I had high hopes for it working. It sounded like a great idea – you switch it on, the light tells you it’s charged, and you zip your zits even before they show up. But after going through a few cartridges (which gets expensive), I saw nothing at all.  It is cute and easy to use though, but the cartridges need to replaced pretty often. I really don’t think this works very well, even for an occasional pimple.

FINAL VERDICT – SAVE YOUR CASH (SYC) – If your skin is really bad, this is just not going to make much of a diff.

One Response to “ZIT ZAPPER?”

  1. needitbad Says:

    Hey I bought this too and it sucks. I took it back to the spa where I got it and asked for a refund. They must be kidding – it did nothing for my zits at all! What a rip off.

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