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10-24-10 | Posted by

Meet the Emmy Winner

Zena Shetysel is a seasoned makeup artist whose work has appeared on some of Hollywood’s most popular TV shows, in addition to several feature films. She received an Emmy award for her makeup prowess on Dancing with the Stars, where for eight seasons she beautified contestants such as Mel B, Laila Ali and Kelly Osbourne. Her career has not been limited to the small and silver screen – Zena has also created glamorous looks for advertising campaigns, including one shot by renowned photographer, Annie Leibowitz. With the launch of Z Palette, a customizable magnetic makeup case, Zena translates her expertise into a useful tool for savvy women. Following, she shares some of her insider secrets with BeautyInTheBag.com


Tell us a bit about your background. What lead to you becoming a makeup artist?

I did not always know I wanted to become a makeup artist but I knew I liked it from watching my mother as a kid growing up. My mother went to beauty school for Cosmetology. As I got older I chose a business career in accounting for films, which offered me the chance to be on movie sets.  I soon discovered accounting was not for me and it was time to pursue something that I really enjoyed – makeup for film. Because I was already working on film sets, I had the opportunity to speak with the makeup artists working on the films. They offered me great advice on how to get started and soon after I began makeup school while working on a film in the accounting department. Once the film was complete, I concentrated on only working makeup jobs. With each job I gained more experience and met new people that led me to bigger and better gigs. 

Is there a difference between doing makeup for film and TV versus preparing a model for an advertising shoot?

I believe there used to be a difference in how you apply makeup for TV and film versus photo shoots. You used to be able to go a bit heavier on the application for TV and film because you were also battling strong lighting that would wash your makeup out. However, now with high definition cameras that show every detail of the skin, your application needs to be as precise as if you were doing a photo shoot for a campaign.  

How do you prepare your clients’ skin before applying foundation and makeup?

I prepare a client’s skin by spraying a skin refresher and then adding a moisturizer that I really work into the skin. I then dab any excess with a tissue. I usually start with the eyes first so this gives the moisturizer time to absorb into the skin before I apply foundation. 

What new looks do you predict we will see this fall and winter?

There will be a few new looks for this fall and winter. You will see earth tones on the eyes using browns, plums, and greens, clean eyes matched with a bold colored lip such as red or deep burgundy, and bronzy-coppery eyes with bronzy cheeks and a bright bold lip. Just remember trends are for the runways and you must always adapt them for yourself.

Can you share a favorite trick that our readers could adopt?

A favorite trick of mine is adding black eyeliner inside the top lash line. This is a great way to intensify your eye without looking like you did anything.

What’s the best way to select a shade of blush/highlighter and how should it be applied?

The best way to select a shade of blush is to follow your natural color when you get flushed or by pinching your cheeks. I love baby pinks and soft peaches for pale skin and as your skin tone gets darker you can work with a brighter or deeper color. Blush should be applied to the apples of your cheeks. To find the apples I typically tell my clients to smile when I am applying their blush and I place it right on the beginning of the cheek bone. I love a pale pink highlighter for lighter skin tones and a gold highlighter for darker skin tones. Place highlighter on the top of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose. 

What product or products should every woman have in her makeup case?

Every woman should definitely have mascara, brow pencil or powder, highlighter pen (or light concealer), blush, and a lip gloss.

What’s in your bag?

I carry a small Z Palette filled with my staples: Stila Kitten eye shadow, Mac Fleur Power blush, and an empty pot filled with my Cle de Peau concealer in Beige. I also interchange my palette with different lipsticks that I have filled into empty pots, including MAC Angel lipstick and Cargo Joshua Tree lipstick.  My bag also includes my favorite lip gloss at the moment Dior Addict gloss #157, a gorgeous light pink.

What’s your favorite bag ?

I love the Coach hobo bags.

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