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Dr. Marko Lens, the London-based plastic and reconstructive surgeon behind Zelens, the wonderful skincare company which products include Luminous Facial Cleanser ($60) and Transformer Instant Renewal Mask ($175), has now entered the color cosmetics world with the new makeup line, Active Colour.

The Age Control Foundation ($105) comes in various shades, from light (cameo, palest cool) to dark (tan, olive tone), and goes on weightlessly on the skin, and can be applied with a brush, sponge, or fingertips. With 17 active ingredients from rapeseed (for the skin barrier function) to hydrolyzed pearl powder, this slim bottle in frosted glass is a keeper.

Zelens by Marko Lens Active Concealer

The Active Concealer ($62) is a slim, fountain pen-sized product that was inspired by Zelens’ Triple-Action Eye Cream ($145). The click pen dispenses a lightweight, full coverage concealer that is intent on erasing those tell-tale signs pf aging from your under eyes. The formulation in the cream contains a whopping 15 ingredients including a peptide complex, algae complex, hesperidin (for eye puffiness), a probiotic complex, caffeine, shiso leaf (antibacterial), green tea polyphenols, vitamin E, pomegranate extract, and even diamond spheres for the “soft focus” aspect to the under eye area.

Other cosmetics in the Active Colour line include a Flirt Mascara ($60); a Lip Enhancer ($52); Lip Glaze ($48); The Balm Natural ($60); The Blush ($62); and Satin Primer Natural Illuminating & Hydrating ($70). Active Colour by Zelens is sold at Barneys New York.



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