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Women and men considering plastic surgery generally fall into two camps, according to the authors of Navigate Your Beauty: Smart and Safe Plastic Surgery Solutions (RichMar 2014). The first camp is unsure of the possibilities, and the second camp has a detailed list of what they want to target, say Rod Rohrich, MD, FACS, and Mary Grosland, the book’s co-authors. After reading this book, both camps will have the tools and the confidence to make safe and effective plastic surgery decisions.

Rohrich one of the most well-respected, board-certified plastic surgeons in the US, and professor and chairman of the prestigious Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Mary Crosland, a former patient of Rohrich, is a successful Dallas salon owner and women’s health advocate, who realized the need for patient guidance.

They start by advising all patients considering plastic surgery to ask Three Magic Questions of their surgeon.

  • Is this one of the top three surgeries you perform and how often do you do it.
  • Do you teach, speak, or write about this procedure for the benefit of other plastic surgeons?
  • Do you have long-term follow-up photos for this procedure?

The book arms prospective patients with information about a plethora of procedures—from fillers, Botox, and body sculpting to facelifts, rhinoplasty, and breast enhancements. In an easy to read, comprehensive, and engaging manner, Rohrich and Crosland prepare readers to know what procedures and surgical options are appropriate in each decade of their life.

“Navigating your beauty is a lifelong journey,” writes Rohrich. Protruding ears, large noses, and skin disorders are concerns for teens and children: preventative measures are for the 20s; injectables, mommy makeovers, and body procedures are popular for people in their 30s; the 40s and 50s brings more physical changes, when surgery becomes a real option; and the 60s and beyond, what the authors call The Carefree Times, is an era when people are interested in both facial and body procedures, surgical and non-invasive.

Through all of these lifetime phases, Rohrich and Crosland advise readers to stay fit and eat healthily for the best aesthetic results.

Perhaps the most helpful aspect of the book are the before and after photos that show what specific procedures can achieve and what new patients can expect. Rohrich dispels the myths of quick fix procedures and presents an honest and empowering overview of anti-aging surgery and minimally invasive options.

From selection of a surgeon, second opinions, surgery, recovery, and maintenance, Navigate Your Beauty provides step-by-step guidance for achieving the best possible results from a wide range of treatments and procedures. It is a must-read for anyone considering going under the knife.

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