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04-20-13 | Posted by

Mirror mirror on the wall, you (yes you!) are the prettiest of them all!

Dove is getting a lot of love thanks to its “you are more beautiful than you think” campaign.

And the kudos is well deserved.

As part of the new and already-gone-viral marketing campaign, a forensic sketch artist was asked to draw a series of women based only on their descriptions of themselves. He then drew another sketch of the same woman based on how someone else described her. The sketches were then hung side by side and the women were asked to compare them.

And guess what? We are more beautiful than we think we are. The differences between the two sketches were jarring, and the portrait based on an other person’s description was more flattering every time. This tells us that women are their own harshest critics. (Perhaps this is the reason that boy band One Direction (1D)‘s  “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” was such a chart topper. The lyrics clearly hit a nerve that Dove’s campaign is tapping into.)

American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery member Minas Constantinides, M.D, a facial plastic surgeron in New York City, says the new campaign findings are magnified in plastic surgery practices.“When I show women pictures of themselves during a consultation, they often hate how they look,” he says. And the more beautiful the woman, the tougher she can be on herself.

Still, “the campaign message is a wonderful message of affirmation,” he says. “What is very striking from a facial plastic surgeon’s perspective is that this is exactly how plastic surgery has evolved in the past decade. We try to do less, so that we bring out our patients’ best qualities and not try to remake the entire face or feature we are operating on. “

For example, he says, when performing eyelid lifts, it’s OK to leave a little extra skin and fat around the eyes, so the eyes stay looking natural. “On the nose, we do a lot less in order to enhance the parts of the nose that are already pretty, leaving a very natural look,” he says.

“Plastic surgery today is about using a light hand and an artistic eye to make someone look a little better than they are now, not like a whole new person.”


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