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A cozy sweater, fur-lined hood, weather-be-damned boots and a hot toddy can make the cooler months downright enjoyable. So can switching out your usual scent for something that has a bit of warmth to it. And since fragrance tends to dissipate sooner in colder weather, you’ll need a few tips and tricks to help your scent last this time.

How to give your scent some staying power:

  • SWITCH UP YOUR SCENT When the temperature drops you’ll want to set aside your light, fresh fragrance for one that’s a bit more complex and has stronger base notes like patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood or musk. In perfume, the stronger base notes tend to be the longer lasting notes that stick around. Since we all like what we like, you might want to choose a fragrance that has some of the same middle and top notes as your usual fresh scent.
  • UP THE INTENSITY Parfum and EDPs are more concentrated than the lighter colognes and EDTs that are available. They’re also usually a bit pricier but it balances out since you won’t need to apply as much.
  • LAYER IT ON If your scent comes with a body cleanser and moisturizer by all means use them before applying your scent. Also, moist, hydrated skin holds scent longer than dry skin so if your new favorite scent doesn’t come with ancillary products, simply use a fragrance -free body lotion before topping it with your perfume.
  • APPLY STRATEGICALLY Since the reason you wear scent is to smell it, if you apply it under layers of clothing it certainly won’t help you get the job done. Instead, stick to your exposed pulse points like your wrists, throat and behind your ears. You can also spritz some on your hairbrush before running it through your hair.

When it comes to choosing a new fragrance, we know personal preference is everything! Six olfactory offerings fit for the season:

Lancome La Vie est Belle ($66) is a fragrance with an insanely beautiful bottle. It has notes of elegant Iris, warm Patchouli and a sweet gourmand accord that includes vanilla, tonka bean, praline and pear.

Tom Ford Private Blend Venetian Bergamot ($220) fills my heart with happiness since I’m such a huge fan of anything and everything citrus. It’s a sensual take on citrus with combined notes of Bergamot from Italy’s southern coast, florals, woods and warm spices.

Archetypes Caregiver ($64) embodies all that is nurturing and compassionate. Rare florals, sheer musk and veiled sandlewood round out this eau de parfum.


Cartier Eau de Cartier ($106) is a more fiery version of the original violet-laced scent. It smolders with the addition of amber, vanilla and other sensual warm notes. Available in February 2016.

Clean Cashmere ($72) has a name that says it all. Inspired by the luxurious and sexy nature, softness and warmth of a cashmere sweater, cedar leaf, bergamot, lime, mimosa, tonka bean and musk are among the notes that help round out this sumptuous scent.

Lush Vanillary ($17) blends natural vanilla absolute, a touch of sandalwood and comforting burnt caramel notes for a warm, decadent scent that smells good enough to eat.

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