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08-15-12 | Posted by

So you’ve found the perfect colorist to give you just the right hair shade of brown, red or blonde to complement your skin tone. She (or he) is not cheap, but worth every penny. So what’s the best way to preserve that color between visits to the salon? Are color-protecting shampoos the way to go, or are they just another means for parting with your hard-earned cash?

Many experts contend  that color-protecting shampoos not only extend the life of one’s color, they help maintain gloss and shine as well. Furthermore, color-treated hair is always in need of a moisture fix: in this respect, it’s a bit like the bushman in the desert on the hunt for some hydration. Specially formulated to enhance hydration, shine and tone, moisturizing shampoos/conditioners are your ticket to preserving your pricey hair dye job.

Here, BITB presents many of the the leading color-protecting shampoos and conditioners that are definitely worth a look:

Biolage Colorcaretherapie ($14-$17)

Orchids are known for their resistance to fading, and this line was inspired by the natural beauty of these gorgeous flowers. This newly renovated and expanded Matrix BIOLAGE Colorcaretherapie collection extends the depth, tone and shine of hair color, and makes use of  the same UV-filtering flavonoids found in orchids. The flavonoids are instrumental in full and vivid preservation of color.

Goldwell Color Definition Shampoo and Conditioner ($12-$17)

Goldwell Dualsenses Color ShampooPhoto Credit- Sears.com

Many women have fallen in love with Goldwell’s Color Definition Shampoo and Conditioner because of the resulting shine: the stuff gives you a good glossy head of hair. It is especially good for thick and coarse hair, which needs a bit more moisture and a generous dollop of TLC. If you have fine, thin hair, try Goldwell Dualsenses Color Shampoo ($16-$45), a lightweight option for hair that gets weighed down by the teeniest bit of moisture. It uses Instant Microfluid Technology that covers hair with an ultra-fine fluid; this allows ingredients to deeply and evenly penetrate the hair. Celebrity hair colorist and stylist Nick Arrojo has been a strong advocate of color-protecting products, and is a big fan of Goldwell’s technology.

Avon Advanced Techniques Color Protection Shampoo/Conditioner and Lock-in Treatment ($6-$8)

Photo Credit: Avon.com

Celebrity hair coloring expert Lorri Goddard, whose celebrity clients include Reese Witherspoon, is a fan of Avon Advanced Techniques Professional Hair Color and the Advance Techniques Color Protection Shampoo and Conditioner. The brand’s exclusive Color Shield technology promises color that lasts up to 6 times longer, and it nourishes strands while it protects. Use the shampoo/conditioner and finish with Advanced Techniques Lock-In Treatment, which is a leave-in treatment that provides anti-fade protection.

Minardi Color Protecting Shampoos and Conditioners ($24-$32)

Photo Credit: Minardi

This may well be the Ferrari of color protecting shampoos and conditioners and it comes in three varieties: Balancing, Energizing and Hydrating. The Energizing range is specifically for hair that has been treated with semi-permanent and demi-permanent shades, or for hair that has not been color treated but relaxed. The Balancing line is for hair treated with permanent hair color because it contains more moisturizing and fortifying ingredients. The Hydrating line is for hair treated with highly intense shades of permanent hair color and chemically treated (i.e. hair that has been relaxed). Since this is the most intense of the three, it’s for extremely over processed or “fried” hair.

The bottom line: Color-protecting shampoos and conditioners are not hoopla or ways for you to part with your hard earned dollar. Rather, they accomplish just the opposite. Ms. Goddard advises the use of color-protecting hair products to prolong the life of hair color so that you don’t have to visit your salon as often. Invest in a few choice products and you’ll certainly understand that “preservation is better than a cure,” which is always a wise choice.


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