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08-02-12 | Posted by

These days, gluten sensitivities are on the dramatic rise. Once the most undiagnosed digestive condition, gluten intolerances, are now known to be affecting approximately 10% of the general population – including me. And while I learned how to inspect my food for traces of gluten, I never, until recently, thought about examining my beauty products, too. If you are extremely sensitive to gluten, watch out: if gluten is absorbed into your skin and enters your blood stream, you might experience a negative reaction. Check out these great gluten-free beauty brands to ensure you feel healthy and look great!

Just to be clear, gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Keep an eye out for derivatives of wheat, barley, and rye in your cosmetics; anything that contains ingredients like wheat germ, wheat protein, or barley extracts contains gluten. Usually, your best bet is finding cosmetic brands with natural and organic products, which also are great for anyone with chemical sensitivities.

Photo Credit: afterglowcosmetics.com

You might think that options for gluten-free makeup would be limited, but Afterglow Cosmetics thankfully proved me wrong. The brand’s Organic Infused Foundation ($36.00) comes in 19 different shades for all skin types, and contains SPF 20 to boot. And if you are looking for just the right eye color, Organic Infused Eye Shadow ($18.00) has 21 pretty shade options. I wanted to try them all.

For great gluten-free moisturizers, check out Juice Beauty, which boasts products that are almost entirely organic. Nutrient Moisturizer ($36.00) contains all the vitamins you’d want in a moisturizer, without the gluten. Instead, it features healthful ingredients like aloe leaf juice, shea butter, carrot seed extract, and chamomile flower, which will leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

Photo Credit: pangeaorganics.com

Need a moisturizer just for your face? Try Pangea Organics’ Facial Cream ($36.00), which comes in three exciting varieties: Moroccan Argan with Willow and Rosemary (for oily to blemish-prone skin); Italian Red Mandarin with Rose (for dry to sensitive skin); and Nigerian Ginger with Sweet Lavender and Thyme (for normal to combination skin).

Photo Credit: mychelle.com

Glam up while staying gluten free with the MyChelle Dermaceuticals line of mineral makeup. Eye Shimmers ($12.99) are packaged in nifty crayon-style applicators, which make color blending easy, and so portable you can toss one in your purse before a night out on the town. Looking for some glamorous gluten free lip wear? I was impressed by Ecco Bella’s beautiful collection of lipstick, gloss, lip pencils, lip crayons, and lip smoothers. FlowerColor Lipstick ($17.95) not only provides a pop of color, but contains moisturizing properties, too.

And let’s not forget shower products. Ecco Bella can help you here, too, with its Natural and Organic Vanilla Hair Shampoo and Conditioner ($14.95 each). Who knew gluten free hair could smell so good?

So don’t let your gluten allergy get you down – you can still look gorgeous, and keep your insides feeling healthy!


  1. sonset Says:

    It’s not that celiac disease is on the rise or Gluten intolerance, but doctor’s are finding out that it’s more common than they thought. In European countries it only takes about six and half months from the time you first get symptoms and go to the doctor and eleven and a half years in the states to diagnose you. I’ve been wanting to try skin 2 skin cosmetics because they are gluten free. They just aren’t available in my area and I’d have to send away for them. Has anyone else tried them?

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