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02-15-16 | Posted by

If you have a cache of rarely or never worn beauty products taking up space in your bathroom vanity, chances are you bought the majority of those lipsticks and liners and shadows and blushes without even trying them on. I understand the ease of online shopping, You can do it anywhere, any time and you don’t even have to look presentable to make a purchase. And the best part about it…little packages arriving on your doorstep. It is like Christmas all over again!

Unfortunately, if you’re spending a lot of “found” time returning purchases that didn’t quite work out, is it really working for you? Years ago, I vowed not to make those purchasing mistakes ever again and I’ve stayed true to that vow by only purchasing beauty products online that I’d sampled in person before. This way, I knew I’d be happy with them. The beauty of knowing how something works for you before making a purchase is that it really is a time saver and the true definition of hassle-free shopping.

I’m ready to step back into the world of online color cosmetic purchases thanks to a new partnership that will have anyone who’s ever chosen the wrong shade of lipstick singing its praises. Elizabeth Arden just announced a new alliance with the worlds #1 makeover app in the world, Perfect Corp., to bring together the world’s leading beauty app with the beauty brand pioneer for a cutting-edge digital beauty experience. Besides being a win for the consumer, this deal is also a win-win for both companies since it is a huge step in Elizabeth Arden’s aim to make use of the industry’s most advanced technology to expand their digital footprint and it’s Perfect Corp.’s expansion in to the prestige beauty sector.

What you have to look forward to is an award-winning virtual makeup “super app” that will feature an extensive assortment of Elizabeth Arden’s skincare-infused makeup with an up-to-the-minute, tech-advanced virtual makeover interface and the added bonus of a direct purchase option from ElizabethArden.com. The app works through patented facial recognition software and branded digital assets to create a new digital ecosystem. You’ll be able to explore products, discover trends, “try on” the color cosmetics you’re interested in, engage in social networking and yes, purchase what you like. “The app simplifies product discovery and provides both an entirely new and existing customer base with unprecedented access to the Elizabeth Arden portfolio,” said JuE Wong, President, Elizabeth Arden Brand.

It couldn’t be easier to use. To do, simply:



YouCam Makeup can be downloaded on your iPhone or Android. It utilizes the most accurate facial mapping technology so you’ll experience a true-to-life virtual makeover in real time or through photos. Available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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