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Pregnancy seems to be in vogue these days—even the royals will have their hands full soon with Kate Middleton and Prince William’s little one. As a new mom, I know that my skin went through so many changes during those nine months and even beyond. I definitely know that taking great care of yourself while you are expecting is not only smart, it’s healthy too.

With hormones changing as rapidly as the weather in New England, you’ll be hard pressed to pinpoint a precise skin issue during pregnancy; they can range anywhere from extremely dry skin to swollen ankles, and every major issue in between. Here are some products pregnant women can use to pamper themselves every day, without worrying about side effects.

Photo Credit: BalmWorks.com

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil with Vitamin E ($5.57) – This never left my nightstand during my pregnant nine months, and every amber drop of it was so soothing and appropriately nourishing that it practically saved my skin. Vitamin E is supplemented with sweet almond oil and lemon oil, which tremendously help soothe chapped skin. The best part is that it also helps with stretch marks, so apply it liberally to your belly, thighs, and any other areas where you think you may  be prone to extra stretching. Prevention is better than a cure ,after all.

Photo Credit: Sephora.com

Mustela  Stretch Marks Double Action ($41)This lightweight, fragrance-free (so as to not cause nausea) cream is deeply penetrating and helps make skin supple and smooth. It contains patented ingredients Elastoregulator, Lupeol, and Arabinogalactane, and also a mineral trace elements complex to nourish the skin. To top it off, the cream contains shea butter and avocado peptides, and is completely free from harmful pthalates, petrochemicals, and synthetic dyes. The best part? You can use it while you breastfeed. Check with your doctor if you can use it during pregnancy (we did, and were fine with it).

Photo Credit: Melvita.com

Melvita Lavender Floral Water ($22) – Anxiety and nerves are expected during pregnancy, and your sense of smell will be heightened. I used Melvita’s Lavender Floral Water all the time when I was feeling anxious. I also used it in my room every time I needed a little aromatherapy. It’s light, Eco-certified, and not sickly sweet at all. The water is healing and purifying and can also be used as a perfect skin toner after cleansing.

Photo Credit: Aden + Anais

Aden and Anais Mum + Bub Skincare ($15.95-$28.95)Packaged in beautifully soothing blue and white tubs and pumps, Mum + Bub Skincare offers you what most moms and expectant moms dream of: products that you can use and share with your baby. The Soothing Ointment lotion ($15.95) is one of my personal favorites and has a lovely scent of freshly fermented pawpaw fruit. It can be used as a diaper ointment, to soothe nicks and cuts, or to hydrate. It has a light vanilla scent. Another good product to try is the Ultra Gentle Lotion, which is formulated with an Australian Sandalwood scent.

Photo Credit: CO Bigelow

Mama Mio Lucky Legs ($19.50) – Legs are definitely the hardest part of pregnancy. Expect to have swollen ankles and difficulty walking, especially during the third trimester. It really pays to be good to your tootsies and Mama Mio’s Lucky Legs Cooling Serum is one product that helps your feet regain their composure. This mini-spa treatment glides on your legs and leaves them nice and cool. It also leaves a subtle shimmer. Formulated with essential oils, anti-inflammatory lavandin, cypress (for varicose veins), and menthol, this is a must for your nightstand. Apply daily.

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