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03-01-09 | Posted by


Do I need to use a moisturizer?

For starters, you need to determine if you have dry or oily skin? A moisturizer in and of itself is not an anti-aging product, as most people think. It is formulated for dry skin to help retain moisture/water in the epidermal layer (top layer) of your skin. It is a great friend if you have dry skin. It can be your worst enemy if you are an oily skin person who already has more than enough of nature’s best moisturizer – OIL. This fallacy in the industry that everyone needs to use  moisturizer is one of reasons that we see so many people seeking help for adult acne. Not everyone NEEDS a moisturizer. In fact, for some people using a moisturizer can be a big mistake. Now isn’t this a different point of view? But it’s true.

2 Responses to “WET OR DRY?”

  1. MWC Says:

    If your makeup slides off your face, or it your nose is always shiny, puh-lease change your moisturizer or better yet, dont use it during the day!

  2. placido Says:

    you just described me perfectly! guess I need to lay off the creme de la mer for awhile

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