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Meet the Dermatology Leader and Cheerleader

As former President of The Women’s Dermatologic Society, an organization that has supported and nurtured the professional growth of many notable female physicians, Dr. Roberts has made her mark  on the field of dermatology. In addition to creating The Roberts Skin Type Classification System©, she was also an expert on the television show “America’s Ethnic Skin: An Al Roker Health Special.” Dr. Robert’s practice motto is “Leave no stone unturned until the solution for a specific skin problem is found.”


How did you fill your role as President of the Women’s Dermatologic Society? What does the society mean to you, and how will you continue to remain involved?

During my term as President, The Women’s Dermatologic Society was the third largest Dermatology organization in America. As the premier organization dedicated to women’s issues in Dermatology I felt honored to be elected to this position. In a transitional year I dedicated 100% of my time to fulfilling our mission and preparing for increased organizational growth. Internationally I reached out overseas to increase global membership. We have members from 25 countries. WDS represents all that is special and unique in Dermatology…our members are not only physicians but mothers, wives, business owners,  professors and leaders in their communities. We learn from each other by mentoring, networking and performing service across the country.  I will remain a cheerleader for WDS encouraging Dermatologists both men and women to get involved.

What is the Roberts Skin Type Classification System?

The Roberts Skin Type Classification is a new method to know how your skin will respond when subjected to any type of damage including, cuts, burns and surgery. By knowing your Roberts Skin Type you can intervene and prevent bad outcomes such as scars, keloids and brown spots, aka hyperpigmentation.

You’ve written about how a person’s ancestry can affect his/her skin. What special considerations should individuals of different ethnicities be aware of when it comes to their skincare choices?

Skin is not all the same. White skin, olive skin and dark skin of the same ethnicity may act differently when traumatized. For example, do your family members develop scars and keloids with procedures such as piercing and tattoos? Do you get brown spots from acne? A simple childhood fall may result in a scar for life, which could have been avoided if the parents knew their child was at risk for scarring. Even if you don’t know your ancestry, your Dermatologist can help you find out your skin type by using this simple system.

What unique services are offered at the Desert Dermatology Skin Institute?

One of my favorite services is a Generational profile in which I take a patient through the decades of their life and discuss prevention of skin issues, which are based on their skin type and environmental risk factors such as cumulative UV exposure. I am very strong on prevention.

How do you take care of your own skin?

I liken my personal skincare routine to caring for a thriving garden. Consistently clean it, get rid of old skin, hydrate with lots of water, provide essential nutrients like active moisturizers and topical vitamins, and protect it from the sometimes harsh environment. This seemingly simple daily routine produces beautiful, healthy skin cells not just for my skin but for my patients skin as well.

What’s in your bag?

  • Cleanser-Clarisonic brush with LRP beads
  • Active C by La Roche-Posay
  • Vitivia Vitamin E capsules by JSJ Pharmaceuticals
  • Dermablend makeup with Givenchy shimmer prism
  • Renova every night

How did you decide to become a dermatologist?

I was a natural chemist as a child, always putting together potions, doing dog facials. I loved surgery and microscope work so Dermatology was the unique specialty where I can do all of it…everyday!!

Tell us something about yourself that you feel would most interest our readers.

I love sharing my knowledge and abilities with others. I actively participate in many programs and initiatives like SOS Save Our Skin to further healthy living and lifestyles. Founding the Women’s Dermatologic Society’s Play Safe in the Sun Skin Cancer Screening Initiative in 2004 is probably what I am most proud of. This National Service has Dermatologists volunteering their time across the country at tennis and golf venues where we perform free skin cancer screening for many people who may not have ever had their skin examined. Our referral rates are greater than 30 percent so one third of the time we find a suspicious lesion. Career wise I am an extreme thought leader and enjoy developing new ideas and providing solutions to unanswered needs.

What’s your favorite bag?

Gucci Gold.

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