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03-15-10 | Posted by

Beautyinthebag.com Founder and Editor in Chief Wendy Lewis was quoted in Sunday’s The New York Times “Taking a Nip Out of the Tuck” by Natasha Singer.

“….But cosmetic operations may never return to the peak levels they enjoyed when TV reality shows like “Extreme Makeover,” “The Swan” and “Miami Slice” encouraged people to have multiple procedures at once, s…aid Wendy Lewis, a plastic surgery consultant in Manhattan. Now, many Americans are opting for the less-expensive, less-drastic treatments — like skin-plumping injection and laser treatments in lieu of a face-lift — Ms. Lewis said. Many of these techniques were not available a decade ago as alternatives to plastic surgery, she said, and while less invasive treatments result in shorter-term changes, the results can often look more subtle. “I think there has been a backlash against the total transformation when people wanted to have everything done head to toe,” she said.“There are too many bad surgical results walking around.”

She was also recently referred to as an expert source in The Boston Globe “Mommy, why do you look different? Worrying about the message cosmetic surgery sends” by Beth Teitell

“…as cosmetic surgery consultant Wendy Lewis – Manhattan’s famed “knife coach’’ – said, sometimes a woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do, particularly if she is competing against younger women in the workplace, or is trying to date again.“We try to teach our daughters to love themselves the way they are,’’ said Lewis, “and yet we’re having our eyes done. A lot of women feel very conflicted.’’

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