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Each year, experts from the Global Wellness Summit reveal the top 10 wellness trends, and they are usually spot on. So just what will health and wellness seekers see and do more of in 2020? Think sound baths, healing playlists, apps, trackers, plus more.

Here’s a sneak peek of the top 10 wellness trends for this year.

Sleep on this…

Getting good quality sleep is essential to good health and wellness, and much of this depends on making sure your circadian rhymes are in sync i.e you sleep at night when it is dark and are awake during the daylight hours. Our circadian rhythm is a 24-hour internal clock that cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals. It’s also known as your sleep/wake cycle. The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) predicts we will see more devices and products aimed at restoring our circadian rhythms including special light bulbs that morph from bright blue in the AM to dimmer shades during the evening. Of course, there’s at least one app for this. Time shifter, the jet lag app, combines and personalizes the elements known to reset the circadian clock namely light exposure and melatonin and alleviate its symptoms.Intermittent fasting, which involves eating normally for a period of time and then fasting for a specified period,is the diet du jour, and wellness experts suggest that it may not be the intermittency that is responsible for all of its health and longevity benefits. Instead, the fact that it is circadian synced may be the lynch pin.

Not your mother’s menopause…

Getting older is getting sexier, literally and figuratively.  Consider the fact that JLo is in her 50s and she pole danced her way through the LIV Super Bowl halftime show.  It’s clearly not your mother’s menopause. With more than 1 billion with a B women set to be in menopause by 2025, expect this global warming to change the way we think about age and the products we use to treat its symptoms, GWI experts note. This will include beauty, food and fitness products geared toward the 55+ sect.


Move over K beauty, and make room for Japanese- or J-Wellness. This trend includes taking a high-tech, high science approach to beauty by cleansing and layering light, super- hydrating products. J Beauty/wellness brands aim to make skin so healthy and bright that you won’t need make-up.

“Hey Siri, I am having a panic attack. Help!”

Mental wellness and technology will continue to intersect in 2020 as growing numbers of apps take on all components of mental healthcare including marriage counseling, individual therapy and other self-help/self- care methods. Telepsychiatry apps will also help compensate for the shortage of psychiatrists and psychologists in some parts of the country.

Take a (Sound) Bath

Both the medical and wellness worlds will be using new tools and technologies to optimize human energy fields including acupuncture, chakra balancing, reiki, qigong or sound baths.

Yoga on Yom Kippur

This is going to be big, GWI experts predict. Mosques, churches, synagogues and other houses of worship will be getting in on wellness largely by building fitness rooms. Think yoga on Yom Kippur, Ramadan boot camps, Christian wellness retreats, plus more. People turn to religion for many reasons and clarity, sanity and physical health are surely on the list. Why outsource to the church of SoulCycle what you can provide in your own backyard?

Gimme a Break

Warning: This ah-mazing concept may not apply to all careers. All of the work-from-home, freelancing and 24-7 work week have led to a population who leaves their vacation time on the table to their own mental and physical detriment. Wellness sabbaticals span weeks (yes, weeks) and blend work and wellness in awe-inspiring spaces and places. You work a few productive hours and sprinkle wellness experiences in throughout the day… for a minimum of three weeks.


Yup, there’s an app for trying to conceive (several, actually), not to mention platforms and wearables that will increase your chances of conceiving.

Wellness Soundscapes

Wellness music is here to stay. Think healing playlists on streaming sites and studies on how music can benefit the mood, mind and memory. It even involves artificial intelligence as AI-powered apps and tech can increasingly pull your biological, psychological and situational data to create a personalized soundscape

For example, The Alzheimer’s Music Project’s mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia by providing a mp3 headset with a personalized music playlist of their most beloved songs and artists.

Evidence-based wellness

Today’s consumer is super savvy and will want a slice of science with their wellness. To the rescue: Wellness watchdogs. These individuals and groups will help to determine what is legit and really works versus what is snake oil.

The bottom line? Wellness is here to stay and will change the way we live and die for the better. And such change is needed. “Seventy five to 80 cents of every healthcare dollar is spent on preventable diseases that are based on lifestyle. It’s not health care, it is sick care,” says former Surgeon General of the United States Richard Carmona, MD at the GWI Summit in New York City.

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