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04-13-19 | Posted by

Just in time for spring cleaning, I tried the Stacked Skincare Dermaplaning Tool to slough away dead cells from a long, chilly New York winter.

The Dermaplaning Tool is an at-home facial exfoliation treatment that uses a sterile single edge blade to remove the buildup of debris, dead skin cells and peach fuzz that build up to dull your glowy skin. By exfoliating the outer layer of dead skin, the Dermaplaning Tool helps to reveal smoother, brighter skin.

Here’s what you get for $75: One reusable silver metal handle with replaceable blades designed for only 4 uses each. That’s it! Please don’t try to use your blades for more than 4 uses – dull blades can just irritate your skin and won’t be effective anyway. So, it’s pretty simple and if you get into it, you should plan to spend for ongoing refills in your future to the tune of $24 for a pack of 3.




Let’s just say that this is not my first rodeo with dermaplaning. Ive tried a few of these at-home tools before and frankly, I have never stuck with them, but that’s just me. This one is pretty straight forward to use if you are paying attention.

If you’re reckless and don’t follow directions, you can end up with some redness until you get the hang of it. So, for first timers, go gently and don’t overuse your tool by going over the same area multiple times. The more you use it, the less debris there will be to sweep away, which means that it is working.

To those of your naysayers out there, borrowing your boo’s razor is not a viable substitute. And most women’s leg razors are too abrasive for your delicate facial skin.

With regular use, the tool can help keep your skin smooth, fuzz and flake-free. To be honest, I may be doing a better job of exfoliating than I realized, because I didnt see much debris coming off with the blade. But my skin does feel soft and smooth and I plan to stick with, at least for now.


NOTE: Demaplaning Tool was purchased in store. Opinions are my own.



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