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06-28-18 | Posted by

Hair removal can be the bane of every woman’s existence. With endless plucking, tweezing, and waxing, what’s a girl to do?!

Home hair removal devices have had mixed reviews over the past decade, based largely on the fact that they take forever to get rid of hair, and tend to be super tedious to use. We have seen the rise of the diode laser from Tria, plus a variety of flashlamps and LEDs that flooded the market (Remember no!no!…), but the experience has always had some pros and cons.

So, Silk’n set out to up their hair removal game and cut through the clutter with a brand new way to remove hair. Coming after their longterm success with the original signature home hair removal device, FlashandGo, this next entry takes hair removal to the next level.  Called the Silk’n Infinity this new system uses eHPLâ„¢ technology with pulses of light to permanently remove hair while leaving no stubble or ingrown hairs, and no resulting redness or irritation. This represents a quantum leap over older systems that offered variable results and high rates of drop off from user fatigue.

At $399 the Silk’n Infinity is comparable to hair removal treatments – like waxing or sugaring – that can be found on Groupon in most cities in America. The advantages of the Infinity, when used as directed, are that you can actually take control of your own stubble with a super fast technology allows that safely treats the entire body and face for women and for men. Plus, it’s a lifetime device and no additional cartridges are required to purchase.

According to New York City dermatologist Judith Hellman, “Silk’n has advanced laser hair removal treatments to a new level with the Infinity system. It utilizes a powerful combination of two energies – eHPL and HLP – that reach deeply into pores to remove unwanted hairs. The benefits to patients are how accurate and fast it works with 5 power settings available. A full body session can take 20 minutes without the redness or irritation of other do-it-yourself hair removal options. This is by far the most advanced technology we have seen for home use.”

The two energies in the Silk’n Infinity system are optical Home Light Pulse (HLP) technology that destroys the hair follicle, plus galvanic energy (eHPL) that stimulates circulation. Together these energies work to open pores and target hairs deep at the root more effectively than ever before. Thus, your skin can actually feel softer in addition to smoother and hair-free. And once the hairs are sufficiently treated so they are gone, they won’t grow back.

This at-home device uses the same technology that is a mainstay of dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in their practice and is FDA cleared for full body treatments. The Infinity is suitable for a range of skin types and hair colors. According to Dr. Hellman, “The built-in color sensor suits and makes it safe for dark skin types and even tanned skin. It may work on blond, red and even grey hair. It’s not recommended for white hair which has no pigment left in the root. The best outcome for hair removal is when there is contrast between the hair color and skin color. But even with less contrast, the Infinity is able to deliver safe and impressive results.”

NOTE: Silk’n Infinity was provided for trial and review. All opinions are my own.

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