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12-27-18 | Posted by

I’ve been devoted to multi-cleansing for quite some time, and my evening routine generally goes like this… First, I use a cleansing oil or balm to melt away makeup, sunscreen and the like before a second pass with a more traditional cleanser to make sure I get my skin as clean as possible. Then, I finish with some micellar water just to be completely sure I’m as fresh-faced as possible (without over-stripping my skin) before applying additional lotions and potions. Sure, this approach is effective but let’s be honest, it’s a bit time consuming to say the least.

So when I received DefenAge’s new 1-Step Multi-Cleanse I couldn’t wait to give it a try—and see if it could save me some much-needed minutes at the end of the day.


Alas, it does, when you follow the rather specific directions. First, you apply a dime-sized amount to dry skin and massage for 15 seconds to dissolve makeup, oil and any other debris that has accumulated over the course of the day (similar to an oil or balm). Then, you moisten your fingertips and massage again as the gel transforms to a cleansing milk. From there, all you have to do is rinse or use a washcloth (if so desired) to achieve a deep-down clean in one simple skincare step.

Here’s some proof: This is what my post-micellar water cotton pad looked like after using the 1-Step Multi-Cleanse—and let me tell you there’s significantly less residue than when I follow my usual routine. And the fact that this potent formula is gentle on the skin and free of parabens and surfactants, as well as animal- and human-derived ingredients makes it that much better.

So long story short, this product delivers thoroughly clean skin in less time so I can focus my energy on other things (or at least get to bed a little earlier).

Note: This product was provided for review. All opinions are my own.

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