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05-28-15 | Posted by

How-old.net is one of the hottest new social media apps, allowing millions of us to figure out how old we really look. Just download your photo, and the #howoldrobot runs its algorithm and spits out a number – that is hopefully much younger than your true age. (If you like the result, you can share it with your friends and fans on social media, and by share, we mean rub it in their faces!)

Here’s a surprisingly simple tip on how to win the game: ditch your readers. This can subtract about 10 years from your real age– that puts these specs up there with gray hair when it comes to things that make us look older. The age-defying effect will of course carry over to your real life as well.

Remember the words of Dorothy Parker;  “Boys seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.” Well, there may have been a shred of truth to that after all. One in four adults say readers (reading glasses) can make someone look ten years older, according to a survey conducted by Jacksonville University in Florida in collaboration with Alcon to evaluate the effect that readers have on perceived age. “In our culture where youth and beauty are prized, many decisions – like getting collagen fillers or staying fit – are carefully made, while others, like donning readers, may not be,” explains Heather Hausenblas, PhD, a healthy aging expert, researcher and professor at Jacksonville University in the College of Health Sciences’ School of Applied Health Sciences in Florida. She spoke to the media about these results at a luncheon at New York City’s Hudson Hotel.

Readers are an easy fix for an all too common problem – presbyopia, the medical term for the blurriness that occurs when 40-somethings look at menus, read a newspaper, or text on their smart phones. You know who you are.  110 million Americans and nearly 1.7 billion people worldwide have presbyopia, and it’s expected to soar to 2.1 billion by 2020 (Market Scope. Global Presbyopia-Correcting Surgery Market Report, April 2012).

Some people are embarrassed to wear readers when things start to look cloudy, and are in denial that they even have a problem with their vision. Plus most of us aren’t even aware of any other options for addressing presbyopia. But nearly half of Americans would consider ditching their readers if they knew they made them look older by a decade, according to the study. Multifocal contact lenses are a relatively new option. These lenses correct a number of vision problems in one lens. Alcon, the eye care arm of Novartis, makes multifocal contact lenses in daily disposable and monthly wear options to correct the vision of people with presbyopia.

Ask your eye doctor or visit LoseYourReaders.com. 


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