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06-27-12 | Posted by

Eyeliners are just hard to pin down. Some of them (like the gel liners) do extremely well, others refuse to stay in place for more than a few hours, resulting in smudges and far-from-straight lines.

The new L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail 24H Lacquer Liner ($9.95) comes in a small glass jar, accompanied by a gliding brush for expert application. On first glance, this looks like a gel eyeliner (think MAC’s Fluidline, $18 or Lancôme’s INK Artliner, $24.50) and it is definitely a cream pot formula. But it’s not marketed as a gel liner (although it is) – rather a lacquer liner that helps you achieve a flawless high-gloss look.

The liner is soft, silky and very creamy, and because of its colorless base, the pigments are supposed to be high and intense, and a perfect foil to the Infallible 24 HR  Eye Shadows. What I love most about this lacquer liner is that you can get a real rich, wet look that stays put for a long time. And contrary to a lot of what beauty products promise when it comes to long-wearing color, this formula DOES stay on a long, long time…in fact, it very well could stay on 24H (if I weren’t so meticulous about taking off my makeup at bed time, I would have put this claim to the test).

Currently the Infallible Never Fail 24H liner shades come in Blackest Black, Navy, Espresso, Bronze, and Dark Slate and go on beautifully on the eyes with the brush provided. If you’ve envied Liz Taylor in Cleopatra, this is the lacquer liner to use to reproduce her cat eye look. Here are some ways you can wear this formula:

  • Create a thin line with the tapered flat brush by using small, short brush strokes close to your lashes. Don’t scoop up too much product on the brush since that will give you a much thicker look;
  • Use it as a thick liner, scooping more product on the entire brush and sweeping it in a thick line above your lashes. The more, the better. The creamy formula goes on well and stays in place;
  • Do a cat eye (use the technique above for the thick liner) and slightly taper off toward the end of the eye and extend this lash line to well beyond your eye zone. Remember to start thick and taper off.

The Infallible Never Fail liner debuts in mass market stores in July 2012, and for the price you pay, you reap the benefits of a truly luxurious liner (stock up on several shades). What’s not to love about this Energizer Bunny?


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