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The newest crop of eyeliners would make Brigitte Bardot green with envy (cat eye, anyone?). They range from thin, portable, sleek pencils to fluid, inky liners that are easier than ever to apply like a pro. Just one carefully placed sweep across your lid and you’ll be good to go.

Here are our newest favorites:






Maybelline Master Kajal ($5 in drugstores)

This waterproof eyeliner actually is a little thicker in look and feel than many of the finer tipped varieties out there, but it is easy to hold and use, almost like a pen. The formula is infused with essential oils so the feeling is never dry and taut, but luxurious and smooth. It promises all day wear and pretty much sticks to this promise, although it tends to smudge a little if you rub your eyes (and you should never do that, anyway).

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner ($16)


Think of this as your skinny jeans of liquid liners. This beautiful slim liquid pencil gives you precise control and allows you to deposit what the brand describes as “thick, feline flicks” on your lids, and this formula will give you beautiful cat eyes too! It has a paraben-free formula and has Sodium Hyaluronate that moisturizes too. Alexa Chung from Vogue says, “The nib on it is the perfect shape and size and it gives you control. ”

Clinique Quickliner for Intense Eyes ($16.50)

This thin pencil is richly pigmented to give an intense shade to the lids. Because it is an automatic pencil, it doesn’t need a sharpener. It also has a sponge tip at the end, and is ideal for creating a rich smoky eye look too. If you want to shake things up a bit in the color department, this eyeliner ranges from “Intense Black” to “Intense Truffle” with everything in between for a total of 15 shades.

Benefit “They’re Real” Push-Up Liner ($24)

Another blockbuster from Benefit, this waterproof, lash-hugging formula leaves a nice matte black line that goes on nicely with a proprietary AccuFlex tip. This intense liner complements the mascara nicely and helps the formula glide along the lash line with a nice, steady control, while depositing intense amounts of product without the need for second layers. Your eyes will really pop.

NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil ($25)

This multipurpose soft touch shadow pencil is chunky as far as eyeliners go, and comes in fun colors from teal to copper. The colors also can be easily blended, and this is a fun pencil to opt for diverse eyeliners (i.e. one color on the top lid, another on the bottom). You can also use this to highlight the brow bone or the inner corner of the eyes. We love the great looking shades too.



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