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High-definition cameras deliver exceptional clarity and resolution to images they capture, but they also highlight skin imperfections. This was the issue Kasey D’Amato and her husband, Stephen D’Amato, First Assistant Director of some of primetime TV’s hottest shows, discovered while on set with actors and actresses.  Wanting to develop an all-natural skincare line that would improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protect collagen from UV and IR radiation, Kasey and Stephen scoured the globe in search of the most innovative and effective natural ingredients.  With her passion for skincare and more than 10 years experience as a Dermatology PA, Kasey co-developed Airelle Skin, a highly effective natural line of anti-aging skin care products.

Beauty in the Bag spoke with Kasey about Airelle Skin and her top skincare advice.


1. When did you first become interested in natural skincare?

I first became interested in natural skin care in 2005 after two years as a Dermatology PA when I realized that there was no effective natural skin care on the market that I could confidently recommend to patients. I realized that those of us who like to live a healthy lifestyle had no real quality skin care we could trust that would improve the skin and also help protect from further environmental damage.

2. Some of Hollywood’s top celebrities use Airelle Skin to maintain healthy skin! What has it meant to you to be such a pioneer in the business?

It is true that many Hollywood celebrities use Airelle Skin products. In fact, we were recently invited to be in 2016 Oscar Style Suite Swag bag. It is such a rewarding feeling to see that people who have access to any product they want and any procedure they want choose to use Airelle on their skin. It is truly awesome to see that my inspiration and passion for a medical natural skin care line is appreciated by many celebrities, high profile dermatologists and plastic surgeons. I feel honored that I have the ability to get feedback from those who are in the industry and have experienced many different products. Many people don’t realize that I collaborated with celebrity makeup artists when developing the Airelle product line. I did this to ensure that Airelle products will help people look amazing on camera and off!

3. What is the main piece of advice you’d give to someone to feel confident about their skin?

I love promoting confidence! I am a firm believer that confidence comes from within, but there is no doubt that the way you feel on the inside has a lot to do with the way you feel you look on the outside. Using the right skin care can improve your skin quality and texture, as well as help you feel more confident about close up photos and those intimate moments with your partner or loved one. For me, it is all about the eyes and the “glow”. When your eyes look refreshed, alert and awake, you feel confident. When skin radiates with a glow to the point that strangers stop to tell you that your skin looks great, that is a tremendous confidence booster!  My advice is to ask yourself if your skin care makes you feel as confident, if not more confident, than your makeup. If so, you are onto something great!



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