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07-17-16 | Posted by

At the 2016 meeting of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) (also known as The Aesthetic Meeting), Laguna Beach, Calif. plastic surgeon Daniel C. Mills, MD, was sworn in as the group’s President. In this role, which is both a tremendous honor and a great responsibility, Dr. Mills is charged with promoting patient safety and public education. ASAPS represents more than 2,500 plastic surgeons in the U.S. and Canada, as well as international members.

Dr. Mills is the Medical Director at Laguna Beach Rejuvenation and Wellness, and teaches residents within the plastic surgery department at Loma Linda University School of Medicine. He also serves as the technical editor of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

Mills took time to chat with Beauty in the Bag about ASAPS, plastic surgery today and tomorrow as well as the off-the-charts demand for a below-the-belt plastic surgery procedure that’s being fueled by the Kardashians.

Here’s what he had to say:

1. How has plastic surgery changed during the past decade and how do you envision it changing in the next one?

“We have seen a lot more emphasis on non-surgical treatments including Ulthera for skin tightening and Cellfina for reducing cellulite, and today’s skin tightening procedures and injectables are longer lasting and don’t produce as much swelling when used to treat fine lines, wrinkles and tear troughs. During the next 10 years, I expect that space to grow exponentially with things that will get us about 10-20 percent of result that we can achieve with surgery. Surgical procedures will always be the gold standard but there is more downtime, more recovery, and more anesthesia required.”

2. Tell us more about Beauty for Life.

“Beauty for life is a pyramid for healthy living and maintaining a youthful appearance over time. Of course, we would all like to believe that good living, not smoking, eating well and sleeping well would do the trick, but there comes a day when either we don’t listen to that or we get a little bit older and we can be helped with things like skin care. As we get older, we can find things that help with wrinkles or brown spots. There are a lot of exciting things on the forefront for skin care. At the last ASAPS meeting, there was research about a type of skin treatment from Alphaeon that delivers large molecules of hyaluronic acid into into the skin. This kind of delivery is wonderful and may even in cut down on the use of needles to get hyaluronic acid through the skin. Injectables are the next level up in the pyramid and then there are skin care treatments that try to add collagen to the skin because as we get older all we do is take collagen out. Collagen is the main structural protein found in skin, and its supply dwindles with advancing age. Plastic surgeons are the only specialists who have the whole breadth of beauty for life treatments from A to Z in their armamentarium. Only plastic surgeons can recommend what is really best for you from healthy living to surgery.”

3. What’s trending now according to the new statistics from ASAPS?

“Female genital surgery is hugely on the rise and it is something that is important to women. Another huge increase was in buttock augmentation, apparently fueled by celebrities like the Kardashians. We are not sure if this is a long term trend or just a fad, but it certainly has taken over for this last year. Specifically, labiaplasty increased 16 percent in 2015. There was a 21 percent increase in butt implants and fat transfer combined, and a 32 percent increase in buttock lifts. We are also seeing a lot more women who were told 20 years ago that their breast implants will last forever, and are now realizing that they have broken implants, and would like to change them out. A few women are removing them, but the trend is to at least go somewhat smaller due to changes in lifestyle and in their self-image. As we get older, most of us gain a few pounds, and if you gain a few pound in your breasts, you don’t need to enhance as much as you did when you were younger. We are seeing a huge uptick in breast lifts and women opting for smaller implants than what we saw previously.”

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