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Raised in Manchester, England, Nick Arrojo showed promise early on as a Vidal Sassoon apprentice, where he eventually became Vidal’s youngest Creative Director. He worked for Wella, London and then launched his US career as the Director of Education at New York’s Bumble & bumble before realizing his lifelong dream and opening ARROJO, his award-winning salon, now with multiple locations. As if that’s not enough, Arrojo also has a line of professional-grade products with over 30 products to cleanse, condition, style and finish hair. In his 35+ years of experience he’s received numerous honors, is an esteemed hairdresser and educator and has worked with top magazines and fashion designers too many times to count. Arrojo is an author, mentor and even served as hairdressing host for TLC’s What Not to Wear for seven years. He’s a bonafide icon of the beauty industry…and was kind enough to share some of his advice and expertise with BITB.


1. What advice would you give someone looking for a change?

The first thing to do is to establish how big a change you want. Do you want to take an inch off the bottom or five inches off? Do you want a dramatic color change or something subtle? With this in mind, it’s a good idea to browse some images if hairstyles you like for inspiration. Try www.stylenoted.com for a wide range of celebrity and everyday styles. One note of caution: Choose a picture for the hair and not for the image of the person. The image is likely manufactured; the hair is real. Focus on the haircut and how that’s going to work for you day-to-day rather than trying to look like the airbrushed celebrity or model does in that one moment in time.

Once you’ve established the kind of style you want, take an image of it with you to your salon appointment. Hairdressers are visual, creative people and generally respond well to a visual example. This is the best way to clearly communicate what you want your style to be.

Staying aware of latest trends for inspiration, while knowing what best suits your personality and lifestyle, so you can adapt the trend to you, is the best way to make a great hairstyle change.

2. Please share tips on how to repair dry end-of-winter hair?

  • If your hair feels dry, the solution is a common sense approach: Use shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that add moisture. I recommend our shine luxe regimen. It’s filled with opulent oils like macadamia and grape seed, which are great for softness and luster. For styling, use products with more moisture too. Any ‘creme’ based product should be good. Creme’s naturally put moisture into hair. Try hair creme for soft and playful hold and control; try styling creme if you prefer more hold, body, and structure.
  • It’s a good idea to avoid too much blow-drying or hot-iron work. The heat of these appliances can magnify dryness. Learn to wash and wear your hair.
  • Get a trim! The ends of our hair are the oldest and driest part of the hair shaft. Cutting off an inch can make an amazing difference to how healthy your hairstyle appears. It will also give your style a nice shape up for spring!

3. What on-the-horizon hair technology, technique or product are you most excited about right now?
We are excited to be introducing two new products this summer. A cleansing conditioner and a two phase leave in treatment. The cleansing conditioner is a rich and creamy suds-free formula that gently cleanses and conditions the hair in one step. It will also aid in detangling hair while giving it incredible shine. Ideal for dry, damaged, and color treated locks. The two phase leave-in treatment is a dual phase leave in spray that protects hair from environmental stressors while improving manageability. It provides light-weight moisture without leaving the hair greasy, and detangles, softens, and adds shine.

4. What is your favorite hair trend for Spring?

Currently we’re seeing a lot of fashionable types replacing their disheveled, undone hairstyles –– think of messy textures and bedhead styles we’ve been seeing for many years –– with the clean cut, architectural lines of classic geometric shapes. I love deconstruction, it’s very much part of our aesthetic at ARROJO. But as a someone who was trained at Vidal Sassoon, it’s great to see the classics come back with a modern twist.


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