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12-11-11 | Posted by

Sick of split ends and breakage? Ready to throw in the towel over your dry frazzled locks? Don’t despair ladies! Help is on the way in the form of a new innovative pro-keratin and ceramide collection from Kerastase.

Give your hair a break from color, heat, and over styling with Kerastase Fibre Architecte. This nurturing reparative dual-serum targets even the worse hair damage. A silky serum designed to restructure each strand and restore strength and shine almost instantly. Kerastase Fibre Architecte is my new must have rescue product for sealing and repairing dry, brittle hair that has taken a beating.

The range has 6 signature formulations. Start with Bain de Force, a shampoo developed just for weak hair that brings back shine. Step 2 is Ciment Anti-Usure Reinforcing and Refinishing Treatment for Damaged Lengths and Ends which takes hair therapy to the next level to recondition compromised hair. Step 3 is Fibre Architecte which can be used as a finishing serum to seal in keratin. For major intervention, a weekly Masque Force Architecte treatment should get your hair on your way to better health and resiliency in no time. Double Force is the definitive holding spray that is gentle enough not to weigh down weakened hair. Lastly, your hair will flip for Ciment Thermique Leave-In Heat Activated Restructuring Milk.

Kerastase is one of my all time favorite hair card brands – it is like luxe skincare for your hair! This whole collection is surprisingly affordable for an intensive professional range because a little goes a long way.  The range starts at $15 for a travel size of the shampoo and up to $60 for the masque.

Visit www.kerastase-usa.com or find it at a salon near you.


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