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Photo Credit: Volcanica Candles


09-10-13 | Posted by

Candlelight is the ultimate beauty secret. A woman never looks more than beautiful than when illuminated by the flickering glow. But whether tapers or pillars, Volcanica Candles stand out with such exceptional style. Mesmerizingly beautiful, each one is a unique work of art illuminated from within as the light shines through the decorative façade hand sculpted in Bali. Artisan-made each Volcanica candle reflects the time honored, world-renowned tradition of Balinese wood carving. Eco-friendly, fabricated from only natural ingredients indigenous to Bali, pure waxes from bees and palm trees, these candles are accessibly luxurious.  An object of natural beauty, these unique candles add a touch of glamour to any occasion.


“We are inspired by the earth’s natural beauty and its resources, that’s why our candles are hand crafted with the finest materials,” explains Satnam Sarna, CEO of Volcanica Candles, a family-owned business which began originally in 1920 as Bells of Sarna. “We are new to America and excited to build a following among all those who appreciate the rare beauty of Balinese craftsmanship expressed for the first time in our collection of decorative candles.”

With more than 200 styles to choose from, there is something for everyone. From tapers to enhance the holiday dinner table to traditional pillars, a wonderful choice for a centerpiece—and more—the looks, shapes, and sizes are all brilliant and beautiful. Each exquisitely sculpted exterior glows without melting as Volcanica Candles burn at the core to create luminaries. Each candle lasts for hours and hours. Although many are aromatherapy, all are outstanding objects of beauty.

Close Up of Candles on Banquet Table

The heart of Volcanica centers on the people behind the candles, the artists whose designs draw on age-old craftsmanship, and the place that defines them.  Made in Ubud, the cultural and artistic center in the middle of the Island of Bali and named for the volcanoes nearby, they are designed to relax, release, and exhilarate the soul.

Although not all of them are aromatherapeutic, the candle essences, made from pure essential oils, feature rich and exotic scents that bring Bali to mind –Magnolia Blossom, Jasmine, Bamboo, and Lemongrass. Volcanica Candles may be purchased at www.volcanicacandles.com. Suggested retail prices range from $12.00 to $118.00 with most available in the $20.00 to $39.00 range. The collections include 221 eco-friendly styles that burn without soot or smoke in materials including their proprietary blend of wax as well as wood, metal and, glass.

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