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08-23-13 | Posted by

Can you truly get 30 times the vitamin C of an orange from a CC cream?

The answer is yes you can, and very effectively. With the new Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream ($48), you get color correcting benefits along with the benefits of an unusual ingredient called camu camu, which has been known to pack more vitamin C than an acerola cherry.

This is the first time I’ve heard of an exclusive and rare ingredient included in a CC cream. In fact, the packaging advertises it right on the side flap. Camu camu is infused into the formulation along with arbutin to help even out skin tone, and the combination makes sense for a CC cream. This tube accomplishes everything: color correction, hydration, anti-aging treatment, sunscreen, moisturizer, and tint.

Vitamin C is well known for being excellent at evening out skin tone and also supporting natural collagen. The idea behind the use of the CC cream is that its anti-aging benefits will give you smooth, even skin that’s also firm. While the function of a CC cream in general is to even out skin tone (they are called “color correcting” for a reason), not every CC cream will give you the rich benefits of rare fruit like camu camu. Apart from Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream  ($35) which, as the name implies, gives a generous dose of hydration to the skin, most CC creams I’ve tried do not hydrate as well as the version by Peter Thomas Roth. And hydration, after all, is a huge part of anti-aging.

How It Worked

From a coverage perspective, this CC cream goes on nice and smooth, as though you’re applying a creamy foundation. It covers all the dark spots as well, if not better, than any concealer I’ve used. You can also use the CC cream underneath the eyes.

The one aspect of this cream that made me nervous was the slim color choices. Most CC creams offer more than three shades (Clinique has nine, including three specific shades for Asian women). So having just three (Light/Medium, Medium/Tan, Deep/Mocha with neutral undertones for dark skin tones) was a bit worrisome for me with my dark skin. But the Deep version worked very well for me and the undertones also matched. My only gripe with the formula is that it was a little dewy, and if you want a matte finish you’ll need to apply a bit of powder to make it truly matte.

But I loved the smell, the look, feel, and incredible hydrating component. It’s a win-win CC cream, especially now that you know you have more vitamin C slathered on you than eating an orange.


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