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02-24-12 | Posted by

Ever wonder how your skin holds up to others in your age group? The new Olay Professional Pro-X Skin Analyzer is a free online service that actually compares your level of aging with other people of the same age. After submitting a photo online, the service gives you a personalized skin analysis of your degree of facial wrinkling and pigmentation spots.

To start the process, you must first obtain a special Pro-X Skin Analyzer Headband, which is included in Pro-X products or can be requested online at olay.myskinanalysis.com . While wearing the headband, have a friend take a photo of you that can be uploaded to the website. Complete the brief online questionnaire and your analysis will be returned to you in real time.

Using advanced imaging technology, the Olay Pro-X Skin Analyzer surveys your facial wrinkling and spots; compares your results to people of similar age, skin type and region; identifies the appropriate skincare regimen; and tracks your improvements.

While reviewing your results, you have the option of chatting with a live Olay.com consultant to better understand the findings and develop the appropriate skincare program.

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