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Posted by 10.09.08


ESTEE LAUDER RE NUTRIV ULTIMATE YOUTH CREME – Sinfully rich and emollient, this super cream is gorgeous for dry old skin like mine…The world may going to hell in a handbasket, but you still have to moisturize so why not use something fabulous! The way to justify the $250 for a jar in your budget conscious mind is that if you use it at bedtime, on your driest parts (forehead, cheeks, neck), you could make it last for a year – which breaks down to only about $20 bucks per month or about 75 cents a day. If you are going to buy only one luxe cream this year, this is one to try. Loaded with the potent antioxidant resveratrol, it leaves your skin moist, supple and retoned.

FINAL VERDICT – RDW (Run Don’t Walk)! – Leaves your skin feeling expensive and pampered. Love it.

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  1. 1niteinparis Says:

    I tried this cream and it is sooooo rich. I wouldnt use it on oily skin! You are going to break out…

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