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02-12-10 | Posted by

The Safe Beauty Association

The face of the beauty industry hides an ugly truth.

Cross-contamination. Infection.  Brushes and tools that transmit micro-organisms from person to person, brush to face, face to product, product to brush, skin to skin via bacteria, viruses and fungal spores.  Conjunctivitis, blepharitis, impetigo, ringworm, acne and herpes are a few of the potential infections caused by bad hygiene and poor working practice from the catwalk to the beauty counter, from the bridal makeover to TV makeup preparation.

This is the unacceptable face of the makeup and beauty industry and it’s one that the new Safe Beauty Association and its ‘Hidden Truth. Safe Beauty’ Campaign is setting out to change.

Posing a real threat to the industry, makeup artists trusted with and responsible for the health and well being of clients and models, are all too often providing an unhygienic and unsafe service, putting both their customers and career at unnecessary risk.

Research conducted by the Safe Beauty Association (SBA) has found that over a third[i] of makeup artists choose to use only their professional brushes over disposable and single use brushes and applicators, and over half[ii] have no public liability insurance.

In conclusion, these professionals are either unconcerned or unaware of the risks of cross-contamination – a direct result of unhygienic application of makeup and beauty products with double dipping[iii] a key cause.

The SBA with health and hygiene at its core, provides a unique and dedicated host of free and paid-for services to support and empower professionals to make behavioural changes across all areas of the industry and at all levels within the various sectors.

Brainchild of founder and Chief Executive, Antonia Hawke, the SBA will achieve an industry-wide, recognised accreditation and collaborative Code of Practice to raise the standard of the makeup industry and encourage individual accountability.  The SBA is focused on taking the beauty industry to new heights of professionalism, encouraging best practice.

The Hidden Truth. Safe Beauty Campaign highlights the consequences of bad hygiene whilst encouraging and supporting positive change with simple steps.  Antonia Hawke explains: “Without the ugly truth, there is no motivation to change the norms of the industry. It will take courage and determination to engage with and convince the industry to work towards a more responsible Code of Practice, with health and hygiene at its core.  ‘Safe beauty’ is our watchword.  And when you think about it, should there ever be any other kind?  I am happy to lead the revolution and I am as passionate as I am determined to make a difference.”

Already, makeup artists and educators at the top of their game are quickly lending their support.

“Good hygiene is vital in our industry and something I have long championed. I am so pleased to hear about the launch of this Association and fully support its initiative” says Jackie Tyson, Chief Makeup Artist for ITV’s The X-Factor.

Director of Education at Jemma Kidd Makeup School, David Horne, adds “the School and Jemma support the ‘Hidden Truth. Safe Beauty’ Campaign.  Our teaching curriculum and studio practice endorses Safe Beauty and we already provide the essential hygiene tools for all our students. We hope the industry will support this much needed programme across all sectors.”

The Safe Beauty Association has an accreditation programme for those in the beauty industry including individual, corporates, educational establishments, beauty, image and makeover sectors, spas, beauty salons and industry affiliates. In addition, SBA provides a plethora of safe beauty information and educative programmes, membership and networking forums and news together with professional services such as a public liability and kit insurance.

Please show your support and sign the petition to create a safer, more hygienic beauty industry: http://www.safebeautyassociation.com/about-us/hidden-truth-safe-beauty-campaign

[1] Research conducted by SBA on 360 professional makeup artists, January 2009

[1] Research conducted by SBA on 360 professional makeup artists, January 2009

[1] Double dipping means loading the same makeup tool or applicator such as a mascara wand with mascara by dipping the applicator into the tube more than once and results in cross-contamination of both products and client.  Double dipping applies to all makeup applicators, brushes and tools from foundation to eye shadow, blusher to lip gloss, mineral powders to liquid liners etc.

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