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Photo Credit: TooFaced.com


05-30-14 | Posted by

Just in time for summer comes a set of powerfully-pigmented liquid lipstick/stains from Too Faced Cosmetics.

The Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick collection ($21 each) features 10 liquid lip shades that deliver considerable color (some of the best I’ve seen) with the multiple benefits of lipstick, lipgloss, and stain. Melted comes in hues to suit all skin tones, but they’re on the loud side: Nude, Peony, Coral, Violet, Rub,y and Fuschia are just some of the ten shades.

The brainchild of Too Faced-Founder and Creative Director Jerrod Blandino wanted to find a way to make lipstick stay true to its melted form when it is made in the cosmetic lab vaults. The result is a portfolio of beautiful liquid lipsticks that really deliver the kind of pigment you’d want them too, without sacrificing the shine. The lipstains come with a precision tip applicator that help deposit the color evenly all over the surface area of the lips without the need for a lip liner.

The results are beautiful: the liquified lipsticks really and do stay on for a long time—at least 2-3 hours—which is longer than most lipsticks. The pigment is rich and glossy and goes on beautifully without being tacky and the result is a shine that is worthy of the big stage (the only other lipstick I have seen that comes close to this level of shine is Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Rouge, which also calls itself a liquid lipstick).

The finish is not matte, it is decidedly glossy, but that’s what makes Melted perfect for the summer months. My only pet peeve was the slightly funky smell of the lipstick after a few uses but it is negligible considering the many benefits. This is definitely a must-buy.

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