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Posted by 07.10.09


Photo Credit: www.drugstore.com

Photo Credit: www.drugstore.com

NEUTROGENA HEALTHY VOLUME WATERPROOF MASCARA - I am always in the market for a great waterproof mascara.  I need one that can survive the everyday stuff, plus a workout or swim, and of course,  the tear-jearking moments of motherhood that seem to occur with increasing frequency.  This carbon black mascara was a miss for me.  The wand comes out of the tube clumpy. When I put it on, the clumps fell from my eyelashes to my cheeks and nose.  Since it is waterproof (yes, very waterproof) once the clumps were on my face I had to dig out my make-up remover to get this stuff off.  I gave this a fair try for a week and have given up. There has got to be a better answer out there.

FINAL VERDICTBOB Beauty On a Budget – Although the color and price are great, this one would not get my vote.

One Response to “TURN DOWN THE VOLUME”

  1. MWC Says:

    Rare that Neutrogena doesn’t hit it out of the park, but it can happen. I can’t wear waterproof mascara – my eyes are too sensitive.

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