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12-13-11 | Posted by

Everyone wants to take some years off but most of us don’t want to go in for the downtime, costs and ordeal of invasive surgery. We know that there are many effective laser and light based treatments to address skin imperfections such as sun spots, fine lines and skin tightening, but when you hit your 40s, you might want something more uplifting. Enter evolastin powered by epime from Syneron.

evolastin is the first aesthetic device that delivers controlled energy directly into the deeper layers to stimulate natural production of collagen and elastin plus hyaluronic acid – the three elements that add structure to skin. Unlike skin tightening devices, evolastin can achieve a unique 3D improvement to the quality, texture and tone, and actual volume of the skin. You might actually look like you have had a syringe of a filler after one of these treatments!

Photo courtesy of Dr. Macrene Alexiades

Before and 3 months after

A recent clinical study published in the Archives of Dermatology by leading dermatologists revealed that volume restoration with evolastin resulted in  improvement comparable to 37% of the tightening seen after a surgical facelift. “It is unprecedented to be able to achieve results as good as one third of a facelift without undergoing traditional surgery. The evolastin treatment is safe, effective, and a minimally invasive alternative for people who are not ready or willing to have a traditional facelift. We see continual improvement out to twelve months, at which point the aging process begins again. But after treatment with ePrime, they will always be ahead,” said Dr. Macrene Alexiades Armenakas, New York Dermatologist, and the lead investigator on ePrime.

evolastin is also a colorblind radio frequency energy, making it safe for all skin types which is a big plus. According to Denver Dermatologist Stephen W. Eubanks,  “evolastin is a very unique device that promotes an increase in volume and elasticity in the cheek areas. I have found that it adds the ability to improve wrinkles in the lower cheeks and below the chin that compare well to the results of  fully ablative CO2 resurfacing, but with minimal downtime consisting of  a day or two of swelling and possibly some bruising.”

evolastin is a single treatment session that takes about an hour in your doctor’s office. Local anesthetic may be used to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Downtime with evolastin is minimal and you can expect some minor redness, swelling, or bruising for a few days, which are easily covered with makeup. You can go back to work after a long weekend in most cases. Doctors say that you will begin to see results within six to eight weeks post treatment,with results improving continuously for six months of more. An evolastin treatment costs $3,000 – $4,500 depending on the individual clinician, geographic location, and areas to be treated.

To find an evolastin physician near you, visit www.syneron.com .

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