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Posted by 12.28.08


ESTEE LAUDER TURBOLASH – So who doesn’t need a new vibrator in her life? This little blue and gold miracle wand uses the battery power of vibrating bristles to lengthen and curl even the puniest of lashes. It comes in two pieces and you pop in the little round battery that looked like a nickel into the wand, pull out the tab, and you’re good to go. One application and it looks like you are wearing individual lash extensions. Your lashes curl up right into your brows. But it looks completely natural – like the lashes you wish you were born with. The overall look is bright eyed and awake. Zero clumping and it lasts dall day and night. We LOVE this stuff. It is simply amazing. Wish it was available in other shades too – like a dark navy or charcoal gray. Right now, it’s just classic blacker than black.

FINAL VERDICT – RDW (Run Dont Walk) – BEST MASACARA ON THE PLANET BAR NONE!!! $32 and worth every cent ladies.

2 Responses to “TURBO TURRIFIC!”

  1. gorgeousgals Says:

    for 32.00 it should apply itself. i read about this but ive never spent more than a ten dollar bill for any mascara in my whole life. this would be a stretch for me but it sure sounds cool.

  2. foreveramber Says:

    Prescriptives has one of these too – amazing. Its like a little magic wand for your lashes!!!

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