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Posted by 06.03.09

L’OREAL DOUBLE EXTEND BEAUTY TUBES MASCARA- Lashes to die for can be yours with this amazing technology that adds length to your lashes big time. 3 steps to perfection – 1) Nourishing base coat goes on. 2) Tube coat is applied to form little white tubes around each precious lash to add projection and curl. 3) Take them all off with just tap water, no makeover remover required. Let’s review – no clumps, flakes, smudges, or runs. No muss, no fuss. And the best part is the price – about $10-12 bucks! 

FINAL VERDICT (BOB) Beauty On a Budget – Revolutionary concept that is a total must have. We LOVE this stuff. 

3 Responses to “YOU TUBES”

  1. London Lair Says:

    knightsbridge london

    London Lair…

  2. tracyfny Says:

    Love this product too. You get long, thick lashes.

    Only drawback if all the little pieces of lash that come of when you wash/remove your makeup.

    Still a must have for me. I use it everyday.

  3. TWA Says:

    I agree– the little pieces of lash come off when I wash my face, too. But its the first mascara that you’ll never get racoon eyes from!

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