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06-23-14 | Posted by

As part of its existing Mineral Botanic range (which includes Hibiscus & Fig, Lotus & Chestnut, and Honeysuckle & Lavender), AHAVA has just launched its Tropical Pineapple & White Peach collection.

The most summery of all the Mineral Botanic scents, Tropical Pineapple & White Peach is as juicy as a ripened, fleshy piece of fruit but without hitting you hard on the nose. It’s subtle, wearable, washable—and it’s about as summery as a beach ball. Like the other scent ranges, this collection has a triumvirate of products: Velvet Cream Wash, Velvet Body Lotion, and Rich Body Butter.

I tried the Velvet Cream Wash and loved the mother-of-pearl color and lush suds when washing my body: it lathered up well without harsh detergent ingredients, and the smell was more white peach than tropical pineapple (a good thing because it shows that the scent balance was just right; too much pineapple would have made the wash to acidic). Dead sea minerals, of course, have a starring role in all AHAVA products, and this new line bows to the tradition.

The Tropical Pineapple & White Peach Velvet Cream Wash ($23) is infused with macadamia and sunflower oils, and is skin thirst quencher (compared to many other body washes in the market, this is gentle and even the fragrance is not overpowering). The Body Lotion ($26) contains shea butter, aloe vera, and palm oil in a light textured formulation. The Rich Body Butter ($28) contains a concentration of soothing shea and peach butters.

If you compare many of the other body washes in the market, the AHAVA version is pricier (Herbal Essences’, for example, is around $4; Dove body washes retail for around $8). But the ingredients are a great quality and we know the healing properties of the Dead Sea (these minerals also calm irritated skin and are good for eczema sufferers as well). If you’re in the market for a slightly pricey but more luxurious alternative to your daily body wash, I highly recommend this.





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