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01-27-17 | Posted by

Michelle Pfeiffer with her plunging necklines in Scarface. Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy Awards in that green Versace number. Amy Adams sex-appeal style in American Hustle. And so many celebrities at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. I’ve always loved the look of daringly deep, décolleté-baring, statement-making dresses. I’d kind of put it out of my mind but all those donning naval-grazers at this star-studded event drove home the point that this look is where it is at, and they had me wishing I could wear a down-to-there dress, and do it with flair. Mandy Moore, Jessica Biel and Kristen Bell certainly did.

If you’re going to make a down-to-there statement, know that it’s much better for your cup of confidence to runneth over, rather than your actual cup size. If you have to wear a bra and opt not to, sexy can easily look inappropriate and sleazy, and a nip slip might just turn into a whole boob falling out and staying out. If you’re blessed with a smaller rack and wardrobe malfunctions are highly unlikely, there’s not a reason in the world why you shouldn’t give this provocative look a go.

If you want to make this look work for you, the most important thing to do is to stand tall and project confidence. After that, all it takes is a little extra attention to your skincare routine. Nourishing, hydrating and collagen-boosting spa treatments can jump-start this area of your bod so you can strut your stuff with pride and you can keep it firmer, brighter, more youthful looking with topical beauty products specifically targeted for the décolleté area.

Check out these 3 great beauty products that really deliver results:

Lancer Contour Decollete ($185) addresses loss of firmness and elasticity, uneven skin tone and texture and even fine lines and wrinkles. To use, just smooth this tech-advanced, area-specific, targeted topical onto your neck, décolleté, and bust line with upward even strokes up to two times per day. It is formulated with marine cone snail venom, a special five-peptide liposomal system, as well as a gentle exfoliant that combine to soften skin, improve its texture and give it a plumper, more lifted appearance.


Clarins Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel ($62) will minimize skin slackness so your décolleté appears firmer and more contoured in appearance. It’s a non-oily powerhouse gel that utilizes the natural tightener, Oat Sugar. It is also formulated with Vu Sua Extract that will help support collagen production and Katafray which is known to soften skin and boost hydration, too. Simply add a bit to your hands, rub them together and then apply product in a gentle, upwards motion from below your breasts to your chin.


Murad Rejuvenating Lift for Neck Decollete ($58) can be massaged over your face, neck and chest for a more youthful look. Retinyl Palmitate and Brazilian Fruit Extracts help to boost collagen production, refine texture and minimize the look of wrinkles. Bearberry and Licorice Root Extracts go to work to brighten skin tone and diminish age spots. Phytoestrogens add moisture and boost elasticity. All miracle ingredients combine to reduce crepiness and restore your youthful glow.


Keep in mind that if you want this area to continue to look flawless, avoid using harsh, drying soaps and cleansers here and apply sun protection daily.

NOTE: All products were tested in store. Opinions are my own. 

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