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05-08-12 | Posted by

I’ve been a fan of the English brand Molton Brown for years, and have loved their strong scents and signature body washes. Their hand and shower gels are reminiscent of an idyllic tropical island (think Black Pepper Body Wash or the Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod) and the lingering fragrance is a Molton Brown trademark.

The company launched its first anti-aging skincare collection recently, and the brand’s scientists searched the world’s choice ingredients to put in a bottle. The focus of these ingredients? To keep the skin clear, comfortable and protected from the sun’s rays.

In keeping with the Molton Brown travel mantra, the products are all so jet-setter. There are three distinct lines for three distinct skincare types: dry, oily and normal. While the products are not specifically marked (nor does the web site categorize the products under these three categories), the line does take into account these specific skin types, which is a good thing otherwise you’ll be using the inappropriate product for your skin type.

Molton Brown makes it simple too; just follow four steps for better skin: clean, prep (tone), hydrate and shield.

The products are as delicious sounding as they are effective: the Kalahari Melon Cleansing Fluid is basically a cleansing milk for dry skin, made with Kalahari melon seed oil, which is rich in fatty acids. The Malachite Cleansing Gelee uses malachite to remove oily skin impurities as well as Enantia chlorantha bark for pore reduction. Other products include the Pink Toronja Refining Toner, which uses the pink toronja grapefruit extract for exfoliation, and the Creole Grasse Anti-Aging Hydra Creme  which uses creole grass to reduce wrinkles. The list of exotic ingredients and their properties are truly remarkable in this line, and the understated and elegant packaging makes this collection stand out. There are also targeted skin care solutions for the lips Pep-rich Lip Booster and eye area (Vita B3 Eye Concentrate).

According to Nathalie Eleni, a skincare expert to the stars helped with the formulation of the line, the most important anti-aging step in this collection is to protect the skin from the sun’s rays (i.e. the “shield” step).

The bottom line: do the products work? In a clinical trial composed of 30 women who used the product for 56 days, over 90% of the women loved the anti-aging hydra cremes and agreed that it would help them manage the aging of their skin. Other products also helped with wrinkles and skin firmness.

Personally, I found the texture of the cleansers and moisturizers elegant, non tacky and very absorbable. For a product price tag ranging from $42-$98, these new anti-aging items may well be worth adding to your regimen. The company is also quite generous with their samples, so try before you buy.

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