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10-21-11 | Posted by

First there was fragrance, then lipstick and now Tom Ford, the fashion, movie and cosmetics impresario, brings us his beauty collection. For a limited time, the Tom Ford Beauty collection is available for pre-order at NeimanMarcus.com and BergdorfGoodman.com. The collection comprises eye, lip and cheek color, foundation and skincare products.

Designed to achieve glamorous color, perfect foundation, flawless features and radiant skin Tom Ford Beauty includes the following:

The Color Collection: The core of Tom Ford Beauty, the Color Collection places emphasis on sensual eyes, bold cheeks and lacquered lips.

The Flawless Complexion: A selection of illumination and sculpting products to perfect the complexion and change and enhance features.

Radiant Skin: Features advanced skin treatments with proprietary treatments that create an energized, clear and radiant face.

Makeup Brushes: A 12 brush collection that was crafted to Tom Ford’s specifications by one of the world’s best brush makers.

Available for purchase exclusively online until November 1, the collection will be sold in select Neiman Marcus stores and in Bergdorf Goodman next month. The Neiman Marcus stores that will carry Tom Ford Beauty include: Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, NorthPark and San Francisco.


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