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03-13-13 | Posted by

Subscription beauty boxes are on every girl’s wish list.

I opened my first one recently, and felt just like a kid on Christmas morning.

It was Birchbox’s “red carpet” beauty box, and the carefully-chosen items were designed to channel my inner Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, or Anne Hathaway during February’s award season.

First came, some Sicilian body gel by Skin & Co that smells like a spa and goes on like satin, next up some eye makeup remover, followed by funky green nail polish from the Zoya Gems & Jewels Collection, and then a Ghirardelli chocolate square … I could go on.

My box didn’t arrive by mail. Instead, I picked it up at a Fresh + Birchbox event in Soho where each guest received a skin consultation, hand and arm massages, and a tutorial on fragrances and luxe lip care—plus a hot pink box with a white satin bow.

And it’s no wonder that ladies can’t get enough of these subscription gift boxes. Typically, they arrive monthly and are filled with travel-sized beauty products from high-end companies (think Cartier, Guerlain, AHAVA, Kate Spade, and Jonathan Adler.) Some even include full-sized products.

There is Birchbox, Be Box, Beauty Box 5, Blissmo, GlossyBox, Sample Society, and True Beauty Box, to name just a fraction of the companies in this space, and they are definetly tapping into something in our collective psyches. Maybe we are sick of buying things for everyone else?

Maybe we want an affordable way to try new beauty products, or maybe we simply like the element of surprise?

Either way, beauty boxes are here to stay.


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