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05-30-17 | Posted by

I was first introduced to Rosé wine many years ago when I attended a “pink” party. The hostess had a penchant for this hue and she recommend that all the guests — men and women alike — wear pink. Upon arrival I noted that all the guests where appropriately attired and the snacks were also pink — think strawberries, watermelon, pink frosted cupcakes, pink sprinkled cookies, and pink candy galore. The alcohol was Rosé wine and it was delicious.

Rosés can vary greatly in taste, but these wines are categorized this way because they’re somewhere between red and white on the color spectrum. Unlike some red wines which ferment for weeks at a time to get their color, rosé wines are stained with red grape skins for just a few hours until their own perfect pink color is reached, and just like reds and whites you’ll need to taste it to know if it’s dry or sweet or refreshing.

I was recently given a bottle of Vivanco’s Garnacha 2015 and since I’m such a fan of Rosés in general, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Its pretty hue had me mesmerized but once I tasted this fresh, bright, fruity wine, I knew I’d found my summer go-to and immediately ordered a case so I’d be ready at a moment’s notice for a BYO, when friends came to visit, or for when I needed a special hostess gift.


Pink always seems right for the bright and warm days of spring and summer, and it goes way beyond what you’re putting in your glass. I believe it was makeup artist Bobbi Brown who swore by her pink pearl earrings and a bright pink blush anytime she needed to look her best and I definitely know that rosy cheeks and pink-stained lips will pick up your mood and also make you appear more fresh-faced.

Besides that yummy Rosé, here are 4 more ways to think pink:

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Universal Tinted Gel, Rosy Cheeks and Lips ($35) doubles as a lip and cheek stain. Add a drop of this sheer gel onto your cheek before gently massaging it into your skin with your fingertips and do the same with your lips using the applicator. It’s formulated with a mint derivative to refresh and plump and Eosin so it reacts to your skin’s pH for a personalized, natural-looking blush that’s all your own. You’ll also adore its signature floral, fruity fragrance.


Becca Beach Lip and Blush Tint in Lychee ($25) is a hot pink, water-resistant stain that’s oil-free, blends easily and is formulated with antioxidants for healthier skin. You can wear it alone or layered under or over your blush, bronzer, lip balm or gloss for added intensity


Paul & Joe Tinted Lip Glosses in Figment and Musing ($25) are two custom color limited edition lip glosses that work with your own chemistry to give you your own unique, vivid pink shades. Simply swipe on this super hydrating clear gloss to have it react with the moisture of your own lips to reveal the shade that’s yours and yours alone.


GlamGlow PoutMud Wet Lip Balm Tint in Love Scene ($19) is a sweet nude pink with a super hydrating formula thanks to sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, murmur butter, Shea butter and other extra special oils. It also contains Kombucha Extract to boost smoothness and add a radiant glow, and Teaoxi Moroccan mint Leaf for a hint of minty refreshment.




NOTE: Vivanco Garnacha Rosé Wine and Paul & Joe Tinted Glosses were sent for review. Other products were tested in store. Opinions are my own.

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