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Photo Credit: Juara Skincare


10-22-13 | Posted by

Serums, as it turns out, are more diverse than a pack of M&Ms. From light as a feather to heavier and protective, serums offer easily absorbed solutions for face and body. Recently, a slew of serums crossed my desk—and if you think serums are just anti-aging boosters applied under moisturizers, think again.

Dennis Gross MD, creator of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare agrees. “Serums are here to stay,” he says. “Serums are generally light, water-based liquids that deliver a large dose of ingredients into your skin. Their point of difference is in their composition. Serums contain no emollients, which means there is nothing to interfere with the concentrated ingredients as they reach the skin.”

The benefit of serums is that they ensure that ingredients, in a very pure form, reach their target. The lack of emollients makes it easier for the serum to travel through the various skin layers. Dr. Gross advises to incorporate ingredient laden serums into your skincare regimen early on (beginning in your 20s) to make a significant difference vending off signs of premature aging. “Look for a serum that contains multiple active ingredients, antioxidants, and retinol,” he adds.

Juara Clove Flower and Turmeric Anti-aging Serum ($62) is a fragrant, natural ingredient-based, anti-aging serum from the Indonesian skincare brand. A mix of clove flower, turmeric, goji berry and an age-reversing palm peptide, this lightweight serum hydrates and reduces the appearance of fine lines and also can serve as s a primer. I loved the fragrance best of all, and the fact that it’s as natural as a face serum gets these days. It also adds a rapid boost of radiance to your skin.

Photo Credit: zoskinhealth.com

Photo Credit: zoskinhealth.com

ZO® Skin Health Ossential® Growth Factor Serum ($135) is a serious anti-ager, powered by epidermal growth factor, retinol, proprietary peptides, and amino acids. Apply at night to your face and neck to boost collagen production and stimulate cellular repair. The result is a clinically proven reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improved skin tone, and increased skin thickness. Developed by a Beverly Hills dermatologist, this serum is the real deal.

Wilma Schumann Body Contouring System

Wilma Schumann Body Contouring System ($60.00) includes a serum created to  improve the appearance of cellulite. Formulated with a CoAxel complex that increases skin resiliency, it aims to provide an overall firmer and toned look.  I used this serum morning and night and saw a more toned appearance on my skin. Of course, nothing beats cardio, but this helps.

Tammy Fender Serum

Photo Credit: Tammy Fender 

Tammy Fender Quintessential Serum ($175) is the brand’s best seller, and with good reason. This is the thickest and most fragrant serum I have come across, putting aside the notion that “serums are lightweight.’ Ideal for sensitive, mature, and dry/dehydrated skins, this serum is an ideal answer to the harsh winter weather. It has been used as a liquid healer for scars and other burn marks.

Erno Laszlo Serum

Photo Credit: Erno Laszlo

Erno Laszlo Firmarine Eye Serum ($120) refreshes the under eye area with key ingredient spirulina maxima, which feeds collagen growth to the delicate eye area all the while preventing sagging. Aloe extract too, does some heavy lifting by diminishing the tell-tale under eye puffiness, and also calms. This is one for the permanent collection.


Photo Credit: Artistry 

Artistry Youth Xtend Serum ($115), the star product of the new Youth Xtend line, is the reason why 92% of women in a clinical study experienced reduction of fine lines in 12 weeks. In other words, it’s your Harry Potter wand-like wrinkle zapper, without the scary side effects. Formulated with African baobab (an exceedingly long lived tree), as well as LifeSirt (extracted from Mediterranean myrtle) and Micro-X6 Peptide. This goes on beautifully and is slick-free, and helped substantially with my forehead furrows.


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