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07-12-12 | Posted by

Vampires can’t get enough of waitress Sookie Stackhouse on the HBO hit series True Blood and soon you can share the honor. On August 9, HBO and HSN will launch the Forsaken fragrance and beauty collection, inspired by True Blood and guaranteed to transport you to Bon Temps, Louisiana, the fictional setting of the “out-of-the-coffin” vampire saga.

In addition to fragrance, the Forsaken Collection features body products, lipstick, nail color and home scents that capture the spirit of the show where vampires mingle with humans due to the creation of synthetic blood.

Just like Bill Compton, Sookie’s vampire paramour on the show, the Forsaken fragrance ($59.50) is a complex entity. It features both light and dark notes (of course) and pairs pulpy fruits with crisp pear in the top note. The middle note stars “Queen of the Night,” better known as night blooming jasmine, and the base is a dark and musky blend of amber and patchouli. For the sultry and feminine woman, this is a fragrance you can really sink your teeth into.

The Forsaken scent also will be available as a body cream and shimmering body veil powder. You can even enrobe your home with Forsaken, which will be featured in a specialty line of home products, including candles and diffusers.

In addition to the proper scent, every aspiring vampiress or human/fairy amalgam (as is Sookie) needs appropriate nail color. Celebrity manicurist, Deborah Lippmann has created a series of nail lacquers with names like Let It Bleed, Sookie Sookie, Human Nature, Fairydust, Bad Things, Strange Love, New Flesh and Bad Blood. For the first time-ever, Ms. Lippmann also developed a lipstick, called Bite Me, for the Forsaken collection.

The Let It Bleed nail color and Bite Me lipstick will be sold as a set for $28. Just the thing every fashionable vamp needs.

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