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12-20-12 | Posted by

Organic skincare has never really rocked my world. Yes, I can appreciate the theory of less is more when it comes to chemicals and additives, but I’m not much of a green-spirited girl at heart. As an anti-aging skincare aficionado, I tend to rate performance over purity every time. If it doesn’t work, I don’t care how au naturale it is.

Enter Vetia Floris – a brand poised to redefine organic beauty. This new NaTrue-certified Alpine skincare brand boasts organic extracts from flowers that thrive high in the mountains, and a unique blend of all natural oils with 100% organic fruit water extracts from grapes, lemons, and oranges. Add to that a touch of gold dust, which is touted to increase moisture content and elasticity of the skin, improve firmness, and minimize lines.

The unique actives in this collection read like something out of a horticulture textbook. Each of the 11 original anti-aging formulations includes some variation of Swiss flowers—primroses, lilies, magnolia, and heathers. “The Vetia Floris brand is derived from the classic Flora Helvetica digest of more than 3,000 Swiss plants,” says Wolfgang Mayer, CEO of Skin Concept’s Swiss parent company, Medena AG, and the brainchild of the range that has been under development for some time.

What is NOT found in Vetia Floris is the stuff that is thought to be bad for your skin, such as synthetic lubricants, petroleum-derived, chemical preservatives, genetically modified substances, or potentially irritating fragrances. All Vetia Floris skincare formulations follow the highest standards set by NaTrue, the Brussels-based non-profit organization that established strict criteria for natural cosmetics. NaTrue’s top three-star certification guarantees that at least 95% of their ingredients are organic.

Skin Concept has done a great job with this new entry on the international scene. We particularly love the signature Super Radiance Elixir ($306)—an elegant serum in a pump that features a high concentration of Rovisome HA—hyaluronic acid—to improve skin’s hydration, firmness and elasticity. It also contains their proprietary active—Gatuline RC Bio—derived from beech tree buds that increases cellular oxygen uptake and tones skin, and lily extract to calm and soothe. The texture is ultra light and you can actually see the tiny specs of gold dust. It is meant to be applied before the Nourishing Day or Conditioning Night Cream.

Another innovative product is the Intensive Treatment Mask ($209) that literally melts on your skin when it comes into contact with your body heat. It starts out with a texture like candle wax, and turns into a sensuous fluid that literally seeps into your complexion. This deeply nourishing treatment is loaded with a trio of nuts coupled with natural butters; macadamia nut, babassu and rose hip oils, plus cocoa, cupuacu, and shea butters to envelope the skin. Reserve this treatment for when your skin needs a refresh apres ski or sunning, or even post procedure.

There is also a Nourishing Hand Cream and a lovely Sculpting Body Cream to complete the range. Mayer hinted that perhaps a fragrance and candle may be coming soon as well. The pure scents of this range is captivating and fresh without being overpoweringly perfumery.

Following in the fine tradition of other luxury Swiss beauty brands, like La Prairie and Valmont, the packaging is also rather awe-inspiring. Each product is created in its own matte black and gold case and set inside an opulent box with a stunning white blossom as the symbol of the brand’s pure, floral, and über Swiss heritage. The attention to detail is impressive. Lift open the box top to find the floral emblem embedded into the box flaps for a seamless unveiling of the creams inside.

Vetia Floris is sure to delight even the most discriminating skincare buyers. We look forward to seeing more of what Skin Concept has to offer.

Buy it online in the U.S. at www.vetiafloris.com (Note all prices include tax)


  1. aydanstacey Says:

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  2. EllaMarie Says:

    Like yourself, I never really considered myself to be a “green-spirited girl.” After I started reading about the benefits of using more natual products, I decided I would give it a try. So far my favorite has been Defend from Purelement Naturals. Defend is a blend of argan oil and essential oils. It really has made a huge difference on my skin. I ordered the product with the intent to use it solely on my skin, but read that it could be used on hair and nails as well. My skin has felt hydrated and softer, which I love. I am definitely an advocate for more natural products, especially argan oil! If you want to check out Defend – the site for Purelement Naturals is purelementnaturals.com.

  3. krystal Says:

    I have the most sensitive skin in the world. I always opt for the organic solutions that hold back on the chemicals and additives. Like Aydan I go with Revitol’s products. Acnezine is by far my favorite to treat acne breakouts.

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