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Photo Credit: circabeauty.com


04-13-15 | Posted by

Model, actor, creative director Eva Mendes is all that. Add to that being a mom to Esmeralda and wife to Ryan, and it’s hard not to want to walk in her stilettos.

It seems only natural that after spending her career under the hot lights of the cameras and Red Carpets, Eva has learned a thing or two about what women want and need in cosmetics. So it’s no surprise that she recently teamed up with Walgreens and Maesa to create her own beauty range called CIRCA.

Circa is a fresh new masstige line of high style, low priced color cosmetics, found exclusively at Walgreens.  It is a well designed range that suits the gamut of skin types from light to darker tones with rich pigments and a touch of nostalgic elegance. The glossy black and gold packaging and art deco typeface are reminiscent of old Hollywood and makes Circa look more much upscale than just a drugstore brand.



Be prepared to be wowed. With 133 products in the line, Circa has color for your eyes, lips, and face. You can grab a single eye shadow in rich, beautiful shades for $8, or a palette of 3 shades for $12. Pencils and crayons for eyes and lips are $9 – $10, and mascaras are $12. Eva’s $10 Color Absolute Velvet Luxe Lipsticks come in a dozen flattering and pretty shades. The face collection of primers, concealers, powders and foundation sells for only $12-15.

Nice job, Mrs. Gosling!

Find Circa at walgreens.com and drugstore.com

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