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Posted by 02.26.09


Boscia Essential Must Have Kit – Fantastic for at home or on the go. The Purifying Cleansing Gel and Oil-Free Daily Hydration SPF 15 are my favorites! The Cleansing Gel doesn’t leave you with that pulled-too-tight feeling and the Daily Hydration gives you just enough without the oil. These two products alone would make the kit a winner, but the inclusion of the Recharging Night Moisture, Green Tea Blotting Linens and Willow Bark To-Go Treatment Pen, all for $76.00 makes it irresistible!  

Final Verdict – GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – Perfect for anyone ready to discover the Boscia line of products, which are fresh, clean and cheap!

One Response to “THE PRICE IS RIGHT!”

  1. MMM Says:

    Love the green tea thing going on here, but $76 is not exactly cheap by today’s standards…

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