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08-28-12 | Posted by

Oxygen is vital to every breath we take, but did you know it also plays a key role in aging of the skin? Oxygen deficiencies can lead to inflammation, a major cause of many signs of premature aging as well as inflammatory disorders like rosacea, according to the creator of O2Concentrateâ„¢ ($145), a supplemental serum from intrafusionsâ„¢. O2Concentrateâ„¢ is formulated to deliver an infusion of pure and stabilized oxygen as far down as the dermal layer and reportedly provides a multitude of benefits including stimulation of collagen and elastin and fighting off acne causing bacteria.

“Oxygen is nature’s most vital nutrient and primary defense against aging and other inflammatory diseases of the skin. Adequate oxygen is required to support all metabolic functions of the skin at a cellular level,” stated Rona Solomon, founder of intrafusions™.

Trans-dermal oxygen infusion has been used in hospitals since the mid 1990s to accelerate the healing of burns and wounds. O2Concentrateâ„¢ contains the same bio-engineered, oxygen-carrying molecule found in the original FDA-approved formulation.

The reported benefits of O2Concentrate™ go on and on and include strengthening the skin’s immune system, increasing circulation, boosting metabolic processes, improving skin color, tone, and texture, and producing a cooling, calming, and refreshing sensation. Used in conjunction with any skincare regimen, it also enhances the benefits of that treatment, especially UVA/UVB protection.

“O2Concentrate™ is a ‘universal supplement’ that is beneficial for all skin types, ages and conditions from the most sensitive, aging and problematic to the preventive care of young, symptom-free skin,” stated Ms. Solomon.

O2Concentrate’s special oxygen-carrying molecule is suspended in a simple sterile water base. It’s extremely easy to apply, simply pat on like a refreshing water splash. Generally, once a day application is all that is needed; however, for inflammatory conditions like acne, rosacea, sun damage and premature aging, a twice daily application might be recommended.

The serum is sold exclusively through licensed skincare professionals including physicians and aestheticians. It can also be used in-office following a microdermabrasion treatment. For information on practioners in your region who carry O2Concentrateâ„¢, call 888.317/3788 or visit intrafusions.com.

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