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Posted by 03.11.09


PED EGG – The idea behind this curious invention is to scrape the dead skin off your tired feet and cracked heels. The shavings are supposed to get  trapped in the removable lid so they are self contained. In theory, it makes good sense. However, the design leaves much to be desired. For starters, it makes ridges and grooves in your feet when you use it. Secondly, the lid doesnt stay on too well, and tends to collapse so that the finely powdered dead skin can spill all over. Reminds me of ashes from an urn – the debris is like gray dust. The Ped Egg is made of an off white colored cheap plastic, which makes it very unglamorous in form as well as in function. Replacement blades are available at drugstores, in case you run out. Unfortunately, the Ped Egg just doesn’t get your feet sandal ready.

FINAL VERDICT: SYC (SAVE YOUR CASH) – Cheap but not cheerful at all. Good idea, poor execution. The Ped Egg folks need to go back to the drawing board and upgrade their design and materials.


  1. placido Says:

    I tried this too and I agree. I even bought the extra blades and I think I used it 2 or 3 times and that was that.

  2. TWA Says:

    this product sucks! my feet didn’t look nearly as pretty and perfect as the after pictures in the commercials

    thanks for passing it down to me mom, but i dont want it!

  3. MisterWhoopie Says:

    This piece of junk does nothing whatsoever for my feet but it is awesome for grating parmesan cheese! Yow!

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