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The word “oil” – especially when it comes to makeup and haircare – has a bit of a negative connotation. Oil signifies heaviness and weight, and the last thing that women want to do is to apply anything oily on their hair and skin.

But recently, a new crop of hair oils has made its way into the beauty marketplace, and their benefits are backed by women and stylists who love them. During the more humid summer months, you may wonder if a hair oil is really right for you. Here are some that we love, and the reasons why you should use them.

Pureology Precious Oil Line: The entire Precious Oil collection is pretty vast, from the first of its kind Shamp’Oil ($29) to the Versatile Caring Oil itself ($40). The Caring Oil is the first product to be Green Seal certified for sustainability. The collection was created first and foremost to protect women’s color treated hair, but it can be used on all hair types, particularly for those with hair prone to frizz. The idea behind the Caring Oil (which is a deep, lovely golden amber color) is that it’s 100% biodegradable with a paraben- and silicone-free formula. The shampoo (or Shampoo Oil, to be accurate) is sulfate free.

Credit: Pureology.com

The best way to use the Versatile Caring Oil is to apply it sparingly on damp hair, and then style and blow dry. This formula contains a blend of sunflower, coconut, olive and jojoba oils, which help color vibrancy and hair radiance. The oil replenishes the protective lipid layer, so if your hair is particularly dry, this would be an excellent product to try. Remember, a little goes a long way with this product, and if you have an oily scalp, take care not to apply it on your crown otherwise you’re not going to get flattering results. But if you apply it on the sides down to your hair tips and take care not to use too much, this is a solid hair oil to purchase. Plus, the fragrance is completely addicting!

Andre Walker Quench Q-Oil for HairCredit: AndreWalkerHair.com

Andre Walker’s Quench Essential Q-Oil ($35): Formulated by stylist Andre Walker (Oprah’s former hairstylist), the Quench Essential Q-Oil is “nourishment” for hungry hair. It’s made from pure virgin argan oil of Morocco, and is actually a lightweight oil to use on damp hair to straighten and blow dry. You can also use this hair oil every day to tame away frizzies. Q-Oil can be used on both dry and damp hair, but I’ve been using it on wet hair (post shampoo/ conditioning) to make my wavy hair pin straight, and it does work. As mentioned, this is a pretty lightweight hair oil (lighter than the Pureology Precious Oil), so it’s a good bet to use for oilier hair types.

EverSleek Precious Oil Treatment with Argan Oil from MoroccoCredit: L’Oreal Paris USA

L’Oreal EverSleek Precious Oil Treatment ($12.99): Forget salon prices. This is L’Oreal’s answer to Pureology’s Precious Oil treatment for the hair. The EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing Collection for the hair was introduced in 2011, and this oil is actually a cocktail of natural oils that aims to smoothen the cuticle for hair that is seriously prone to frizz. The star oil in this treatment is argan oil straight from Morocco. But unlike thicker argan oils, this is a lightweight oil (compared to the Q-Oil, it feels a tad heavier). The best way to use this is on damp or dry hair. It also contains warm notes of vanilla and amber, so it’s elegantly fragrant.

Credit: Matrix.com

Matrix Silk Wonder Smoothing Oil ($16): This new oil is part of Matrix’ total results line, and aims to give you sleek hair with its 24HR Smooth Repair Technology. It’s target is the woman with frizzy hair and split ends, and aims to completely repair and smooth the hair for 24 hours. You can use this oil on dry or damp hair, although my preference is definitely on damp hair (which can be styled or blow dried). For pure frizz fighting power, this is a wonderful oil to try. It is thick, so a little goes a long way. Klorane Mango Oil ($14): Created specifically for dry, damaged and sun-exposed hair, this oil is one of the few that taps into the silken properties of mango oil. This is a lightly textured and rich hair oil that’s designed to be left in your hair, and it is extracted from the mango pit through cold pressing. The entire idea of using this hair oil is moisture, and it also promises to protect the hair with a UV filter. The smell is heavenly, and if you have dry hair, this is perfect nourishment food. Use in conjunction with the Klorane Nourishing treatment shampoo with mango butter for best results.

The bottom line? Find the hair oil that’s best for your after analyzing your hair type. If you have really dry hair, there are several options in the market; if your problem is frizzy hair, try the Matrix or Q-Oil for starters. If you want to nourish your hair, Pureology’s Precious Oil may be a good bet.

Your success with hair oils also depends a lot on how you use them. If you drench your hair with the oil, you’re going to get a very thick, weighted and non flattering look. Use it sparingly and rarely on the scalp itself (more towards the ends of your hair and the middle sections), and you will have much success with this big, new hair trend.



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