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Think of moisturizing like a longterm investment strategy with the benefits only coming back to you after time. Moisture gets stored in the cells between fatty layers and is essential for healthier, smoother skin. Dry skin lacks water and oils. Even oily skin can lack moisture, but it needs a lighter touch. Normal skin gets easily dehydrated by daily wear and tear and environmental factors such air conditioning and UV rays. Combination skin, which is what most of us have, has some dry parts, and some oil slicks. Be wary of overmoisturizing; with all the great products available these days it can be tempting to keep adding layers. Too much cream overloads pores and leaves skin looking duller. If you are in the habit of layering moisturizer and foundation on top of sunscreen, look for multi-tasking products that do two or more jobs to lighten up. 

What woman doesn’t love a touch of glamour in the morning. These days it’s easy to be baffled by science, with all the new technologies that have a positive effect on the way skin functions by putting back its spring, helping to shed cellular waste, and fighting bacteria that causes breakouts. Prestige skincare costs more because research and quality ingredients don’t come cheap. Don’t underestimate the power of packaging either – a gorgeous jar goes a long way to insure that you’ll stick to your daily regimen. Plus, it can last for ages and you’ll be proud to show it off in your marble bathroom!

An interesting study was published in Skin Research and Technology, Volume 13, Number 2, May 2007 , pp. 189-194(6), titled, “Facial anti-wrinkle cream: influence of product presentation on effectiveness: a randomized and controlled study” by authors Loden, Buraczewska, Halvarsson that looked at   high-priced luxurious anti-wrinkle cream dispensed in its original packaging and in a neutral jar, to compare with the effects from a regular moisturizing face cream in a luxurious jar. The researchers concluded that the only significant difference was better compliance with the cream in the nicer jar! The moral of this story is that even though luxury creams don’t always work better than their cost-effective cousins, they serve the dual purpose of making us use them more consistently – and they also make us feel good.

If you’re feeling flush, there are plenty of uber chic formulas for $500 and up that will give you that ultra luxury high. Personally, although I am intrigued by them, I would rather have Loubutins, but that’s just me. There are also some cheap and cheerful alternatives that deliver results and come in pretty jars at guilt-free prices, so you can have the cream and wear it too, so to speak.


SISLEYA ELIXIR ($535)– An intensely hydrating complex of plant extracts including white willow leaf, extract of malt, marjoram, lavender oil and fresh water algae. If you can get your hands on it, this light formula also has gingko biloba and vitamin E that work together to rejuvenate cells. Four pump vials to be used day and night for a month.

GUERLAIN ORCHIDEE IMPERIALE TREATMENT  ($1,500)- Guerlain created Orchidee Imperiale Crème from an extract derived from four species of orchids found to have unique properties that make skin cells perform better. 4 week intensive treatment includes 4 royal purple vials boxed for a Queen to restructure your complexion in 28 days.

CLE DE PEAU LA CREME ($750)- Based on a proprietary ingredient called Soubilized Fibroin that optimises skin cell renewal rates, this super cream promotes collagen production, reduces fine lines, revives skin and lightens.

LA PRAIRIE CELLULAR CREAM PLATINUM RARE ($1,000) –  Intense hydration and skin replenishment par excellence, wrapped up in a Swarovski crystal enhanced jar for the girl who has everything but young skin…

DARPHIN EXCLUSIVE PREDERMINE CREAM ($550) – Plumps you up with rare plant extracts.

ORLANE EXCLUSIVE CREME ROYALE ($650) – Enriched with 24kt gold, this creme claims for firm, nourish, smooth and boost radiance based on Chinese medicine.

REVIVE PEAU MAGNIFIQUE ($1,500) – Based on epidermal growth factor, this 4 week treatment comes in silver ampoules for true ReVive devotees. Highly potent hyaluronic acid for added moisture, and so much more.

NATURA BISSE INHIBIT TENSORLIFT ($715) – Botox and filler serum in a bottle, this luxe brand from Spain fills, freezes and lifts.


CLINIQUE ZERO GRAVITY REPAIRWEAR LIFT ($52.50) – Ultra firming moisturizing cream from the original derm brand

OLAY PROX HYDRAFIRMING CREAM ($42) – Helps put the bounce back in your skin

SKINMEDICA REJUVENATIVE MOISTURIZER ($43) – Skin replenishing formula

PHILOSOPHY HOPE IN A JAR FOR DRY, SENSITIVE SKIN ($38) – Rich, emollient super healing cream

ATOPALM MLE CREAM ($36) – Deep moisturization for compromised, dry skin relief



  1. faysface Says:

    For a grand, Id rather get Botox! You have to be nuts to spend that on just one cream. FF

  2. needitbad Says:

    wow! $1500 bucks is my mortgage payment…..not too likely ill buy that this year. LOL

  3. foreveramber Says:

    Right on. The most I would ever spend on a cream is $50, ok maybe $60, but never $600. Its ridiculous. I mean what doesit do for that anyway.

  4. MWC Says:

    I doubt a lot of $1500 skin care sales are being made these days anywhere except maybe Dubai!

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