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Photo Credit: Scent of Wealth


06-28-13 | Posted by

The super rich really aren’t like the rest of us. They fly in private jets, vacation on private islands, and have personal chefs (on my wishlist), and now they can own a fragrance priced at $2500.

The new Scent of Wealth just launched on June 26 and was created by French-born artist Platine DaVinci. In all fairness, the inspiration for the scent is not just the accumulation of material goods. It also embraces the definition that wealth can mean having a life full of rich and meaningful experiences, friends, and loved ones.

Its creator has experienced both. Born into a wealthy French family, she led a rebellious, artistic life until falling in love. Eleven years of iconic happiness followed, until an avalanche of personal disasters befell Platine, including the loss of the man she loved, the father of her son Benjamin.

Platine found solace in travel and ultimately settled in Las Vegas, where the desert inspired to her to study the history of the Sphinx, Egyptian Pharaohs, and other dynastic cultures.

The opulence of the dynasties and their use of perfume fascinated the artist and resulted in the Scent of Wealth, as well as a series of 12 paintings.

Intended to appeal to men and women, Scent of Wealth includes notes of white eucalyptus, Italian bergamot, hedione, armoise, red cedar, white musk and silver birch.

Only 1,000 limited-edition bottles of Scent of Wealth will be sold. Each bottle will be number and sold with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Platine. No that’s what I call personalized.

Photo Credit: urbanretreat.co.uk

Photo Credit: urbanretreat.co.uk

But Platine DaVinci is not the first person to launch an outrageously pricey scent. Clive Christian from London once offered a $215,000 version of the Clive Christian #1 women’s perfume. The perfume was housed in a one-of-kind Baccarat crystal flacon, encrusted with a five-carat diamond, and boasted an 18-carat gold collar around the bottle’s top. Clive Christian fragrances are sold globally, and available in the U.S. at Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus. The priciest bottle I could find now  is available online from the Roja Dove Haute Perfumerie at Harrods, which sells a Clive Christian No1 for Women 30ml Pure Perfume for £2700—that’s $4,120!!

And for those who believe that bigger is better, Chanel has launched a limited edition Les Grands Extraits version of No 5 in a 30 oz.-bottle for $42

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